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About the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department at NJCU prepares students for careers in a modern, complex society that has become increasingly dependent on mathematics. NJCU math students become mathematicians, teachers, scientists, researchers, technicians, managers, business leaders and more. A mathematics education is a solid foundation for careers that require problem solving and analytical thinking.

male math student working out equations on whiteboard

If your interest in math intersects with a passion for teaching, our teacher certification program or Master of Math Education might be the right path for you. Our attentive faculty and advisors can help you choose a program based on your interests and career goals. A math minor is an excellent way to complement many degree programs, particularly if you are considering graduate work in a discipline that involves quantitative research.

Mathematics Department faculty create a collaborative atmosphere where students and teachers are a community, and where learning is a lifelong enterprise.


MATH 096 Beginning Algebra/ MATH 106 Algebra for College Students (paired courses)
MATH 100 Quantitative Literacy


STEM majors: Math 175 Enhanced PreCalculus
Business majors: Math 164 PreCalculus for Business
Other majors: Math 114 Contemporary Mathematics or Math 140 Introductory Statistics

Math Requirements Sequence

Download PDF of Math Requirements Sequence

Our department offers a supportive learning environment. Free, peer-led tutoring and supplemental instruction are available to promote academic success. The Math Club provides opportunities for math-minded students to get together, learn and have fun, and even offers a pre-finals workshop on how to get the most out your calculator. If you are a math student with a competitive edge, you can participate in a Math Club competition.

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