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About the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department at NJCU prepares students for careers in a modern, complex society that has become increasingly dependent on mathematics. NJCU math students become mathematicians, teachers, scientists, researchers, technicians, managers, business leaders and more. A mathematics education is a solid foundation for careers that require problem solving and analytical thinking.

male math student working out equations on whiteboard

If your interest in math intersects with a passion for teaching, our teacher certification program or Master of Math Education might be the right path for you. Our attentive faculty and advisors can help you choose a program based on your interests and career goals. A math minor is an excellent way to complement many degree programs, particularly if you are considering graduate work in a discipline that involves quantitative research.

Mathematics Department faculty create a collaborative atmosphere where students and teachers are a community, and where learning is a lifelong enterprise.


095 Basic College math
097 Math Express
098 Algebra for College
099 Algebra Express


102 Fundamentals of Math
112 Intermediate Algebra

Our department offers a supportive learning environment. Free, peer-led tutoring and supplemental instruction are available to promote academic success. The Math Club provides opportunities for math-minded students to get together, learn and have fun, and even offers a pre-finals workshop on how to get the most out your calculator. If you are a math student with a competitive edge, you can participate in a Math Club competition.

Online Math Emporium

Summer 2021

This is a 15 day MATH program offered by NJCU that helps students complete their developmental and/or pre-requisites level MATH courses prior to the start of Fall 2021

How much does it cost?
Tuition is FREE but students must commit to the 15-day program as an investment in their education.

When does it run?
July 6th to July 29th (Monday through Thursday — No Friday classes)
Online from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Students must have internet access, a computer with a video camera, and must attend and be engaged in classes during the scheduled time on Zoom (or other software).

Does this affect my Financial Aid?
No, actually this program helps you save your Financial Aid by giving you the opportunity to reduce the number of course hours required to complete your Math prerequisites.

How does it work?
New and continuing students will work on skill-building problems in Math. Upon completion, students will be assessed in Math basic skills. Students who complete the Math Emporium and pass the placement test will have the opportunity to eliminate up to 7 non-credit bearing hours of Math in the fall semester. Participants will begin the fall semester better prepared to meet the academic and social demands of college.

To sign up contact an Academic Advisor at 201-200-3300

space is limited

Dr. Teclezghi
S. Roman


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Robert Noyce Scholarships for STEM Teachers

NSF scholarships and stipends will be awarded to NJCU STEM majors who are obtaining teaching certifications in their fields. Funds will be available to undergraduates for their junior and/or senior years, and post-baccalaureate STEM majors may receive one-year stipends to complete their teacher certification requirements.

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