How to Pay Your Bill

How to Pay Your Bill

  1. In Person: The Bursars Office only accepts cash, check or money order. 

    Credit cards are not accepted. You can only make credit card payments online.

  2. Online Payments: Log into your gothic net account. You can pay by credit card or electronic check (direct debit from your bank account). INSTRUCTIONS

    A convenience fee is charged for paying with a credit card.

  3. Wire Transfer: Your bank can send money directly to NJCU. This Wire transfer form (pdf) has the bank information. 

    NJCU does not charge a fee for wire transfers however your bank may charge up to $25 in fees.

  4. TransferMate for international transfers: This option is available on the payment portal. Sign into Gothicnet and select “My Financial Account” and then “Make a payment” and the option for TransferMate.

    All international payments made through TransferMate are completely free of charge. You may be charged by your bank for making a local transaction, this is unfortunately out of our control.