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Get Involved

Get Involved

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There are many ways to get involved with your alma mater. Alumni can participate in a broad array of events ranging from social networking, to career-oriented panels and presentations, to attending performances, exhibits and talks featuring guest artists. These are just some of the many events that alumni have enjoyed in the past year.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved.  Share your professional experiences by mentoring current students. Assist in student recruitment as Alumni Ambassadors.  Engage students and alumni through career panels. Help grow attendance at regional events in your area. Participating in these and many other volunteer opportunities will keep you close to your fellow alumni and to NJCU students, the alumni of the future.

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Attend an Event

Learn about upcoming Alumni events in your area!

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Explore opportunities in mentoring, career and professional development, event planning, and more.

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NJCU Mentoring Program: A Game Changer for Our Students!  Become An NJCU Mentor and Change a Student’s Life.

Whatever time you give to being a Mentor—whether it is one or two meetings over coffee or an ongoing relationship over a semester, you will be making a difference for NJCU students.

What does becoming a mentor mean?

You are helping students navigate their journey into the career/business world, offering personal insights that can’t be learned from a textbook, acting as a sounding board for students’ plans and aspiration, and asking questions that will challenge students to develop their own insights.

The extent of the involvement is up to the mentor and student to define. It can be as casual as a few Zoom meetings or coffee meetings on campus or an ongoing relationship over a semester. It can involve offering advice, reviewing a resume, or introducing a student to your network.

However you define being a mentor, whatever time you can give to the endeavor, you will be making a difference for NJCU students and advancing your own professional development in the process. 

Become a mentor today!

  • Please use the "Mentor Now" button to access the site.
  • Register using LinkedIn or email.
  • Your email will be verified and your account will be approved within a few hours.
  • Once your account is approved, you can add more details to your profile.
  • If you need help, select the “Resources” button in the left navigation panel and learn how to complete an effective profile, connect with other users and more.
  • Use the short videos under Resources to learn how to enhance your profile.
  • Reach out and connect with a student mentee through the program.

Please participate in this game-changing initiative for our students! Become an NJCU Mentor today!

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