Surface Tension by Amanda Thackray

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery
Bottom Trawl in Repose, 2021

Amanda Thackray’s solo exhibition, Surface Tension, presents the artist’s handmade paper installations, prints and sculpture that comment on plastic pollution and the fragility of the marine environment. The exhibition reflects and distorts the natural world of our oceans inside the gallery space.

Through Thackray’s allegorical environments the exhibition asks the audience to consider the consequences of unnatural materials in our marine ecosystems. She extends the shift into the aquatic world with her paper pulp net pieces, crafting them to resemble fishing nets and plastic material adrift in our oceans. In the artist's installations is an intentional, and somewhat uncomfortable, play between the natural and the unnatural. Her pieces are purposeful symbols of how we can choose to do things differently and create with nature, instead of working against it.

Right: Bottom Trawl in Repose, 2021
Left: detail of Bottom Trawl in Repose, 2021

Gallery hours T, W, Th 12-5pm and by appointment
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Artist’s Reception, Friday September 10, 4 - 7pm (as part of JC Fridays)

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