GothicNet System Status

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GothicNet System Status

GothicNet System Status

  • The GothicNet portal is available 24/7. Periodically, upgrades or maintenance work is required which will temporarily cause the portal to be unavailable.

  • If you see this page after attempting to log into GothicNet, at, it indicates that the portal is currently unavailable.  Our team is notified as soon as possible of any outages that impact GothicNet and we work hard to get access back as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience while we work to restore service and appreciate your patience and understanding.

For any questions regarding GothicNet system status, please email

Under normal conditions, you can use this link to login into the GothicNet portal.

If you require additional information or assistance, please refer to the below list of contacts:

Office (Follow Link to Web Page) Telephone Location E-mail Address
Help Desk x4357 (on campus) Rossey Hall, Room 06
IT - Application Security (Help)

Rossey Hall, Room 36

Registrar 201-200-3334 Hepburn Hall, Room 214
Graduate / Undergraduate
Master Course Lists
Transcripts Hot Line 201-200-3333 Hepburn Hall, Room 214
Graduate Admissions 201-200-3409 Hepburn Hall, Room 206
Important Enrollment Dates &
Withdrawal Request Forms
Professional Education and
Lifelong Learning
201-200-3089 Hepburn Hall, Room 102
Financial Aid 201-200-3173 Hepburn Hall, Room 215
Bursar/Student Financial
201-200-3045 Hepburn Hall, Room 106
University Advisement Center 201-200-3300 Vodra Hall, Room 101
Undergraduate Admissions
888-441-NJCU (6528) Hepburn Hall, Room 207
Online Learning 201-200-3449 285 Westside Avenue
Human Resources 201-200-2335 Hepburn Hall, Room 105
Procurement Services 201-200-3159 Hepburn Hall, Room 111
Controller 201-200-2595 Hepburn Hall, Room 106