Accessing and Initializing Any Voice Mailbox From Off Campus (Mobile or Home Phone)

  • Dial 201-200-2380 you will hear “Thank you for calling NJCU…”
  • Press # and enter your extension/mailbox number - do NOT press # after you enter the mailbox number.
  • You will be prompted for the security code - Enter your Mailbox password.

Accessing and Initializing a Mailbox That is Not Assigned to You From Your Extension On Campus

  • Dial x2380 (when you are prompted for their security code, please press * then # and enter the extension)
  • You will be prompted for the security code.

If you require assistance with setting up your voice mailbox, please contact the IT Help Desk at x4357 or


VoiceMail Quick Reference Card - you can print this document which shows all of the available options.  (Here's a preview. Click the image to view the full PDF.)

VoiceMail Quick Tips