View Your Bill Online

Photo of Room full of students sitting at rows of long desks on laptop computers.

How to View Your eBill Statement

Please be aware of the date that your Billing statement was generated (Statement Date- located at the top of the statement), if you made any changes to your registration or other activity occurred on your account after the statement date, the changes will not be reflected.  If you registered early and made any changes to your schedule, please be aware that your due date is as appears on your original billing statement.

  1. Log in to GothicNet:, Enter 7 digit GothicNet/Student Id Number and Password
  2. Make sure on the top middle portion of your screen you are on the Student Homepage then click on the tile that is labeled “My Financial Account”
  3. On the left-hand side of your screen Click on "View Your Bill"
  4. Select the most current date to view your billing statement.