"How To..." and Forms

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"How To..." and Forms

How To...

The Office of Student Accounts provides students and parents with step-by-step instructions to assist with common tasks, such as paying your bill online, signing up for direct deposit, adding a parent or guardian as an Authorized User, etc.

Important Forms

Below you will find links to our most common forms along with a detailed description for each. Please click on the form name below to access each individual form.

Spring 2024 Unemployment Waiver Contract- This form is for students participating in the Unemployment Tuition Waiver Program. Students must submit the contract along with their waiver from their unemployment counselor on the special registration day for the program.

2023-2024 Academic Year Waiving My Right to Use the Unemployment Waiver Complete this form when an unemployment waiver student is choosing to not participate or is no longer eligible for the Unemployment Tuition Waiver Program.

Revocation of Electronic 1098-T Consent Form - This form is to revoke the student’s consent to receive their IRS Form 1098-T electronically.

Revocation of eConsent of Use of Title IV Funds Form- This form is to revoke the student’s consent to pay certain charges on their student account with federal Title IV funds.

Wire Transfer Form for Student Payments - This form is to be used by students that wish to remit tuition payments via wire transfer.

IRS Form W-9S - This form is to be completed if your social security number is either incorrect or was never submitted to NJCU. NJCU highly recommends this for your 1098-T Tax Form.

University Departments Only: Departmental Deposit Remittance Form - This form should be completed when a department has a deposit that needs to be made into their account, it should be submitted with the funds to the Office of Student Accounts, located in Hepburn Hall, Room 106.