Statement to the NJCU Community on Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

Photo of Flag of Russia and Ukraine painted on a concrete wall. Relationship between Ukraine and Russia - stock photo

Statement to the NJCU Community on Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

As a community, all of us at New Jersey City University are deeply concerned about the ongoing and broadening conflict in Eastern Europe stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While this geopolitical conflict will not reach our shores, we recognize that some in our community have loved ones in harm’s way. There is no way to prepare for the pain and suffering armed conflict causes and we offer our heartfelt empathy and prayers to the peoples of both countries during this sensitive time.

War is painful and has long-lasting consequences. Undoubtedly, the remnants of the actions by the Russian government will have severe geopolitical implications on the entire world for years to come, as it has plunged the European continent into one of its worst crises since World War II.

During times like these, as we beckon peace, we are reminded to extend grace, to be kind to others, and to support our neighbors as best we can.

At NJCU, we stand in solidarity with the people of the Russian and Ukrainian communities we serve, and we encourage faculty, students and staff who have been impacted by these events to connect with the services offered by the institution.

Students who are grappling with anxiety, depression, or strong emotions from the events in Ukraine are urged to utilize the services of the NJCU Counseling Center, located in Gilligan Student Union, Room 308, by calling 201-200-3165 or emailing Faculty and staff who wish to make a counseling appointment are encouraged to contact to identify resources available or visit the State of New Jersey's Employee Advisory Service (EAS) website.

NJCU has a long history of supporting refugees, and students and scholars in crisis in their home countries —  most recently with "Everyone Take One" — The Afghanistan Project at NJCU. To this end, we endorse the efforts of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, a coalition of over 500 college and university presidents, has today called upon our federal government  to issue a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation and announce Special Student Relief (SSR) for Ukrainian nationals residing or studying in the United States. TPS provides work permits and protection from deportation for those from designated countries who cannot safely return to their home country. SSR provides additional flexibility and relief for Ukrainian international students, preventing them from losing their F-1 status. TPS and SSR would protect nearly 2,000 F-1 Ukrainian international students.

With hope for peace,

Sue Henderson, Ph.D.
President, New Jersey City University