Handshake is New Jersey City University’s official job/internship platform. Thousands of employers are hiring students on Handshake. Once you fill in your career interests, you’ll get personalized recommendations for jobs and events and direct outreach from employers interested in students like you—80% of students with a complete Handshake profile get messaged by employers!

  • Activate your account at app.joinhandshake.com
  • Download the Handshake app from Apple or Google Play so you get notifications on the latest jobs, events, and employers

Why Handshake?

  • There are 750,000+ employers recruiting on Handshake—from every Fortune 500 company to nonprofits, startups, and more
  • Career offices at 1,400+ colleges and universities utilize Handshake
  • Students login with single sign-on (use your NJCU email!)
  • Fill out your profile with your career interests to browse recommended jobs and events
  • Message directly with employers
  • Schedule appointments with your NJCU career advisor
  • Apply for jobs and get interviews
  • Get hired!

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