Announcement of NJCU Recovery and Revitalization Plan and Next Campus Conversations on Wednesday, May 3

April 26, 2023
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Dear NJCU Community,

On Monday during our regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting, we announced the introduction of the New Jersey City University Recovery and Revitalization PlanA Framework for Long-Term Financial Sustainability, Mission Focus, and Student Success.

This framework and the highlighted unprecedented institutional reforms discussed in the 24-page document will drive student achievement and mission focus for the next three years, and beyond, as NJCU emerges into an institution that emulates the resolve of its extraordinary students.

As we enter the next phase of our recovery and look towards a promising future, the Recovery and Revitalization Plan will continue to inform the University’s dialogue with campus stakeholders, community leaders and partners, and elected representatives. Our external stakeholders, including legislative and state leaders who have reviewed the framework document, are extremely encouraged with our path forward. I am confident our students, faculty, staff, and administrators will be equally encouraged.

Read and download the entire NJCU Recovery and Revitalization Plan here:

The Recovery and Revitalization Planin collaboration with our University Senate and in conjunction with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) announced on April 11 with AFT Local 1839 — the institution’s local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers — cements minimum expectations of mission-oriented service from faculty, professional staff, and administrators that will always put student success first and drive enrollment, retention, and completion initiatives and efforts. I look forward to working with the University Senate and campus stakeholders to develop and finalize a strategic plan that builds upon the framework outlined in the Recovery and Revitalization Plan. The strategic plan will honor the strength of shared governance that will deliver an uncompromising commitment to meeting our students where they are and propel them towards economic mobility, in alignment with our institutional mission. 

Simply put, there is no other example of similar support for sweeping reforms and overhauling of curricular standards and academic operations that rivals the tenets enshrined in the MOU coming from any other public university in New Jersey. We are proud that together, we are changing the narrative here at NJCU, and as a result, the future of our university is indeed, bright.

With the introduction of the Recovery and Revitalization Plan, it is now time to hold our next session of Campus Conversations on Wednesday, May 3 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.,where we will formally introduce the plan and invite questions from the campus community. The location for this session and a link to register for the virtual attendance option, will be distributed early next week. 

While this event will be streamed and virtual attendance will be offered to accommodate all who wish to attend, due to time limitations only in-person questions will be accepted at this session of Campus Conversations.

Furthermore, the first portion of this session of Campus Conversations will be set aside to initiate a student-led discussion. As student retention will be at the core of our presentation to the campus, it is essential that we open the event with a focus on student voices.

Yours In Service,

Andrés Acebo
Interim President
New Jersey City University


About NJCU:
New Jersey City University is an institution of higher learning dedicated to the development of our students, our city, our communities, and our state. We are a game-changing force for our students and have been recognized as one of the top colleges in the nation improving their upward economic mobility. Whether enrolled in one of our undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs at our three locations, NJCU students have access to an affordable, diverse environment, and an exceptionally supportive faculty. This prepares them to go on to become the next generation of workers and leaders who improve their communities and the State of New Jersey.

Ira Thor
, Associate Vice President for University Communications | | 201-200-3301