Academic Standards Policies

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Academic Standards Policies

Policies focus on the academic and programmatic guidelines and regulations for undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic Fresh-Start Policy

Academic Grievance Appeal Procedure

Academic Honors, Undergraduate

Academic Integrity Policy, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Academic Progress, Graduate

Academic Standing and Probations Warnings Suspension

Administrative Withdrawal, Undergraduate

Admission Application Major Program, Undergraduate

Advanced Standing Transfer Credit or Credit Examination

Attendance Policy Graduate

Attendance Policy Undergraduate

Cancellation of courses, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Change Academic Program Graduate

Change Enrollment Status, Undergraduate

Change of enrollment status, Undergraduate

Change of Grade Requests, Graduate

Change of Major Undergraduate

CIP Code Policy

Class Status, Undergraduate

Co-major, Undergraduate 

Concurrent Study Two Graduate Degree Programs

Continuing Graduate Study Beyond Degree Completion Policy

Course Load and Overload Options, Undergraduate

Course Load, Graduate

Course Substitution, Undergraduate

Course Waiver, Undergraduate

Courses at Other Institutions, Undergraduate

Credit-Hour Policy

Cumulative Grade Point Average, Undergraduate

Dean's List, Undergraduate

Degree Requirements, Graduate

Degree Requirements, Undergraduate


Distance Education Complaint Procedures, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Dropping and Adding Classes, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Electives and Minor Programs, Undergraduate

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Report, Undergraduate

Grade Recomputation

Grading System, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Graduate Courses Open Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students' Responsibility

Graduation and Certification Applications

Graduation With Honors, Undergraduate

Graduation, Graduate

Guidelines and Procedures for Requiring Face-to-Face Final Examinations for Online Courses

Inactive Graduate Records

Independent Study, Undergraduate

Late Registration, Graduate

Maintenance of Matriculation, Graduate

Major Requirements, Undergraduate

Mid-Semester Progress Report, Undergraduate 

Minimum Grade Point Average in Major, Undergraduate

Non-Classified Study, Undergraduate

Pass/Fail Options, Graduate

Reasonable Accommodation Grievance Procedure, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Registration, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Repeated Courses, Undergraduate

Residency Requirement, Undergraduate

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Second Major After Graduation, Undergraduate

Seven Year Limit Credits, Graduate

Summer Study, Undergraduate 

Test Waiver Request Policy, Graduate

Time Limits for Credits and Degree Completion, Undergraduate

Transcripts, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate

Undergraduate Second Degree Policy

Visiting Students, Undergraduate

Voluntary Pass-Fail Options, Undergraduate

Voluntary Withdrawal, Undergraduate

Waitlisted Courses, Graduate

Withdrawing from a Class, Undergraduate

Withdrawing From Classes, applies to Undergraduate and Graduate


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