Alphabetical Listing University Policies

Academic Freedom Policy

Access to Student Records

Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Animals on Campus Policy

Assignment of University-Owned Personal Computers and Peripherals to University Employees

Assistance Animal Guidelines for Residential Students

Audit Monitoring for Direct Loan Reconciliations

Bond Post-Issuance Compliance Policy

Center for the Arts Grievance Policy Statement

Chosen/Preferred Name

CIP Code Policy

Computing Hardware Disposal Policy

Consensual Relationships Policy

Contract Employee Guidelines

Data Collection Policy

Data Confidentiality Policy

Disability Accommodation Policy

Donated Leave Policy

E-mail Policy and Procedures

Email Security Policy

Emergency Protocol to Assist with Students

Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Equal Opportunity Access to Online Resources

Event Services Facility Use Policy

FERPA General Guidance for Students

Fraud Waste and Abuse Policy

Information Privacy Policy

Information Security Policy

Investment Policy

Missing Student Policy

Mobile Devices

Naming Gifts Policy

Network Storage Policy

Non-standard Hardware and Software Policy

Open Public Records Act (OPRA)

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networking

Personal Appearance and Dress

Personnel Files

Pilot Remote Work Policy

Policy on Policies

Policy on Privacy of Personally Identifiable Information Collected and Contained in Financial Records Maintained By the University on Behalf of its Customers/Students

Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace

Procurement Services Policies and Reconfiguration

Protocol for the Death of a Student

Reasonable Accommodation Decision Appeals

Remote Network Access Policy

Responsible Use of Computing Resources

Retention and Disposition Policies

Retiree Email Account Policy

Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct Policy Governing Students

Smoke-, Tobacco- and Vape-Free Policy

Social Media Policy

Student Records Policy

Student Travel Policy

Study Abroad Code of Conduct

Suicide Attempt/Threat Response Policy

Supplemental Code of Ethics to the State Uniform Code of Ethics

Telecommunications Policy

Telephone Protocols and Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

Time & Attendance

Time Away from Your Job

Travel Policies and Procedures

Tuition Waiver Policy

University Communications Policy

Use of University Property

Violence in the Workplace

Weapons Policy

Whistle Blower Policy: An Employee Reporting Line (ERL)

Wireless, Networking Policy