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NJCU Foundation

About the NJCU Foundation

Every year the alumni, faculty, staff, retirees and friends of NJCU give generously to help provide the resources needed to make our campus the best that it can be. The NJCU Foundation works with these philanthropically minded individuals and organizations to create and support the student scholarships, world-class academic programs and capital improvements that together make NJCU an accessible university of excellence.


Inspired by the creativity, innovation and resilience of the NJCU community, the Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to invest in opportunities to further enrich the lives of our students and all of those around us, allowing them to enter to learn and exit to serve.  The Foundation will meet these goals through strategic partnerships, endowment growth and the pursuit and management of market opportunities.


The Foundation will provide the necessary resources for NJCU to be a nationally recognized leader in urban public education, ensuring the greatest gains in social mobility for our alumni; thereby being the economic engine in the communities we serve.

We Value:

  • An Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Generosity