Professional Education and Lifelong Learning

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Professional Education and Lifelong Learning (PELL) provides a diverse population with an excellent education by offering a variety of non-credit classes and programs that include: The New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey Alternate Route to Teaching program, Kids on Campus, the Community Music School, The Public Safety Program, Workplace Essentials, online non-credit classes and certificates, and workforce development programs. Click here to have someone contact you.

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The NJCU New Pathways to Teaching in NJ Alternate Route program has produced thousands of teachers over the years. Amy Garcia was once such person who graduated from NJCU in 2004 with a bachelor’s in English: Creative Writing. Garcia recalled "My professors were extremely knowledge in their course contents, personable and kind. My student experience was extremely positive and led me to return in 2016 when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an American Sign Language teacher."  Visit the NJCU blog to read more of Amy Garcia's story.

NJCU’s Open House for Lifelong Learning (Hoboken Girl blog post)

New Jersey City University, also known as NJCU, is a public liberal arts university in Jersey City, home to a diverse student body and over 44 undergraduate degree programs, 29 master’s programs and 3 doctoral programs. But for those interested in applied learning experiences, NJCU’s division of Professional Education and Lifelong Learning (PELL) is hosting an open house to learn more about their free {!!} four-week Logistics TLD Essentials Training Program. Read on for more about NJCU’s Logistics Center and the training programs it provides.

About the Training Program

The NJCU program will specialize in warehouse operations for men and women by providing training in the TLD — that is, transportation, logistics, and distribution — industry {which happens to be one of NJ’s largest sectors of growth and employment, with one in 10 NJ workers employed in the sector}.

Graduates of the program will receive sought-after certifications in Forklift Operation, Fundamentals of Logistics/Warehousing and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA). The course will also focus on in-depth training in warehousing and fulfillment processes and supply chain management as well as inventory cycle counting. The program will run February 4th through March 1st.

The Open House

Whether you’re looking to switch gears in your career, gain helpful certifications, or simply want to educate yourself in the TLD industry, join NJCU for the open house. {Note: program participants must be 18+ with a GED or High School Diploma + a driver’s license is preferred but NOT required}. Here’s a little more about the open house:

When: Wednesday, January 23rd at 11:00AM
Where: the NJCU Logistics Center, 285 West Side Avenue in Jersey City
RSVP: Email or call 201-200-2462

Past Graduates of the TLD Essentials Training Program 

More about the NJCU Logistics Center

Launched in 2015 in partnership with JP Morgan, The Walmart Foundation, and the Mayor of Jersey City, the goals of the Logistics Center are to fill local labor market deficiencies while also providing more opportunities to unemployed workers in the area. The Logistic Center has an employment placement rate of 70% and trains about 165 local community members annually.

NJCU’s customized curriculum and dedication to building a healthy, active, and sustainable workforce in Hudson County make the TLD program one-of-a-kind. {Plus, the training programs are FREE!}

About NJCU’s PELL Program

Not only does NJCU’s division of Professional Education and Lifelong Learning offer workforce development programs, but it also offers non-credit programs {that provide a credential} as well as customized professional training programs designed specifically to fit unique needs within the workforce. PELL’s non-credit programs include a Certified Administrative Assistant Professional course, Child Development Associate Training, a Chartered Tax Professional Online Certificate Program, and even a Maritime certification.

PELL offers programs and certifications in {basically} all industries, including: accounting + finance, management, education, healthcare, hospitality + event planning, I.T. services, writing  + publishing {+ SO much more}.

The PELL Center also offers personal interest courses, including: Photography, Sign Language, Spanish, and even guitar lessons.

Additionally, PELL provides youth courses for your little ones, ranging from piano and problem-solving lessons to mathematics and SAT prep.

The PELL Program’s passion and commitment to continued education is apparent in its varied and customized curriculum, dedication to building a strong local workforce, and bettering the lives of the Hudson County community through education.

If you’re interested in learning more, email or call 201-200-2462.

New Jersey City University will offer free webinars to help provide a better understanding of the alternate route to teaching process and of New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ). The NPTNJ is now completely online and accessible to anyone in New Jersey. For more information, visit

For over 10 years, more than 2,000 professionals have completed the New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ) Program.  NPTNJ is a partnership between New Jersey City University and many of the New Jersey Community Colleges. Regulated and approved by the N.J. Department of Education, the NPTNJ offers a statewide alternate route teacher preparation program designed to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to become successful teachers.

In collaboration with the Division of Professional Education and Lifelong Learning (PELL), the Department of Music, Dance and Theatre has launched a Community Music School.

The mission of the NJCU Community Music School is to provide students with a well-rounded music curriculum and education. NJCUCMS faculty members are strongly dedicated to meeting the demands of their students' varied musical goals and talents.

Students of all ages can register for individual voice and music lessons covering a range of instruments that include clarinet, drums, guitar, piano and many more.

According to Dr. Joseph d’Auguste, co-founder of the Community Music School, “lessons and classes at CMS are student-focused, flexible, and supportive and we strive to create a positive environment in which all students can pursue their musical dreams.”

Dr. Michael Edmondson, Dean of PELL announced the Community Music School stating, “This opportunity provides another way for the local community and NJCU to further an already established relationship.”

New Jersey City University (NJCU) now offers a non-credit Public Safety Program through its Professional Education and Lifelong Learning (PELL) Division.

First responders including paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and other trained members of organizations tasked with public safety-related work will receive training on a variety of public safety issues.

Registration is now open. Classes will be held throughout the Fall 2018 semester on the main campus of NJCU at 2039 Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City.

Dr. Michael Edmondson, Dean of PELL, announced the Public Safety Program stating, “Our local and national partnerships make this important training program possible for first responders. We have partnered with NJCU alum Paulo Henriques, who coordinated efforts; Joe Vasil, a document fraud expert; and the National Emergency Communications Institute (NECI), which will offer a three-day train-the-trainer series of workshops in November.”

The non-credit Public Safety program offered by NJCU will serve first responders in Jersey City, Hudson County, and the surrounding area, who seek additional training in the following subjects: 

  • Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying
  • Community Policing
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Report Writing
  • Intro to Search Warrant Writing
  • Bleeding Control/Tourniquet
  • Epi-Pen In-Service Training
  • NARCAN In-Service
  • 9-1-1 Instructor National Certification
  • EMD Instructor National Certification
  • Fire Communications Instructor National Certification
  • Arrest, Search and Seizure
  • Advanced Identifying Fraudulent Document.

Registration discounts are available for those police, fire, or other related departments that register participants as a group. The first class is scheduled for Friday, September 14, 2018.

NJCU logistics students celebrated the end of their four-week training by interviewing with local employers at a job fair hosted on Friday June 29, 2018 in the Logistics Center located on the West Side of the main campus.

Eight students completed the intensive four-week job seeker program that involved attending 120 hours of class time, completing the OSHA-10 hour training, becoming certified as a forklift operator, and preparing a professional portfolio to present to employers during the job fair.

The program challenges students to grow both personally and professionally. Fathiyyah Samuels was one such student in this, the 13th class to graduate from the logistics program. When it came time for the forklift test, however, Samuels doubted herself. “I was really scared and failed the first test.” Thanks to encouragement from Rhoda “Tayo” Arogula, the Program and Employer Outreach Coordinator for the Logistics Center, Fathiyyah went on to pass the forklift test on her second attempt. “This program helped me develop new knowledge, skills, and confidence in myself,” Samuels said.

Representatives from Aerotek, Cory Companies, Imperial Dade, Staff Management Group, and UPS attended the job fair looking for qualified candidates as each company had immediate employment opportunities. As one representative said “The logistics students were well-prepared and because of that, this was the best job fair I have attended.”

“We are so proud of our students and their hard work, as we continue to build and expand the workforce development opportunities offered by NJCU,” said Dr. Michael Edmondson, Dean, Professional Education and Lifelong Learning. “I’d like to thank all the participants, including the Logistics team who organized this event.”