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Criminal Justice Resources


Criminal Justice Mock Trial Team
Dr. Esther Nir, Coordinator/Coach

Established in September 2017, the members of the Mock Trial Team work with faculty to form a team and compete at mock trial tournaments through the American Mock Trial Association. Over 350 colleges and universities participate in these tournaments across the country. Students learn the roles of prosecutors, defense attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses and perform opening statements, closing statements, and direct/ cross examination of witnesses. Mock trial drills help students improve oral and written communication skills and enhance their ability to analyze complex materials. Helpful to any major. Past student majors include Criminal Justice, National Security, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Business, English, Women’s and Gender Studies, Political Science, and Art.

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External Resources

There are many career paths with a degree in criminal justice. Below are a list of federal, state and private organizations and fields you can explore within criminal justice.


Careers in Criminal Justice