Criminal Justice, B.S.

Bachelor of Science
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About This Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice combines studies in the fields of criminal justice, law enforcement, courts, probation, corrections, parole, and juvenile justice. The program is designed for individuals who are currently involved in the criminal and juvenile justice fields and students who seek careers in these areas. Completion of this major prepares one to assume the responsibilities in the following professions: officer (municipal, county, state, federal), special agent (in federal law enforcement agencies such as AFT, CIA, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, USDOC, USDOJ, US Marshals, US Parks Police, US Secret Service), criminal investigator (in state prosecutor and public defender offices), court administrator (state and federal), probation officer (state and federal), parole officer (state), correctional officer (state and federal), juvenile counselor, victim advocate (government or community), community restorative justice, civil rights activist, and others. Continued study may include a master’s and/or doctoral degree in criminal justice or public administration or a doctoral degree in law.