Certification Guidelines

Photo of teacher and young student on laptop

Dear Certification Applicant:

The Center for Teacher Preparation & Partnerships fully understands the importance of your teacher certification and will work to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner. To that end, it is important for you to review the application process in order to understand the estimated processing time.

Once an application has been received in this office,

  • Official transcripts are requested and attached to applications,
  • Applications are reviewed by the department chair for approval,
  • Applications are electronically recommended to the state,
  • Required reports are generated, and
  • Payment is issued by the University before the report can be mailed.

* Please remember that applications can only be forwarded to the state once monthly*

Please Note:

  • Applications begin processing at the end of the month in which they are submitted and the University process is ideally 4 weeks. (EXAMPLE: An application submitted on June 2 will not be processed until June 30)
  • For Certification Only students: All grades must be posted on the official transcript before the CTPP can begin processing your certification application.
  • For Degree seeking students: All grades must be posted on the official transcript and the degree must be conferred and posted on the official transcript before the CTPP can begin to process your application.

The NJ Office of Licensure & Credentials estimates that applications are processed through their office in 1-2 months. (Pending initial approval, a license for an application submitted in June will be issued in September) Please consider this timeline before calling the Certification Office to inquire about your application and allow 2 to 3 MONTHS for processing.

For your convenience, you will receive e-mail updates when your application has been approved and again when it has been sent to the state. Updated information can also be found at Teachers Certification Information System webpage. Your certification inquiries are welcome at ctppcert@njcu.edu, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Ms. Cynthia Vazquez Assistant Director Center for Teacher Preparation & Partnerships