March 27

Topics in Educational Technology: A (Virtual) Museum Field Trip 

Are you a teacher looking to engage students in a new and exciting way? Learn about an instructional model that allows students to create virtual museums utilizing online technologies in novel ways to demonstrate their mastery of content.

March 28

Topics in Educational Technology: Technology in the Developmental Math Classroom 

Technology in the Development Math Classroom allows viewers to understand the benefits and disadvantages of using adaptive learning assessments with underrepresented scholars in Mathematics course.

April 2

NJ ESSA's plan has identified six research-based instructional strategies that leverage digital teaching and learning tools to help teachers use data to drive instruction and infuse meaningful and significant digital learning experiences into existing curricula that deepen students’ learning and understanding. Join this webinar to learn how these were identified and how to implement in your class, school or district.

April 4

Topics in Educational Technology: Drones in Education: Cleared for Takeoff  

Final boarding call! Come learn about the latest exciting research in the academic value of drones in education to help teachers develop new pedagogical strategies, to enhance student engagement and excitement, and to help equip students with future-ready, 21st-century skills.

April 9

Topics in Educational Technology: Spark a fire in your lessons 

In this session you will learn a quick and free tool to change student presentations. Bring a few digital pictures and your imagination and together we will learn to tell a story in a new way!

April 16

Topics in Educational Technology: Stop lecturing and start sessioning! 

In this session you will learn how to use a free tool that will enable you to create an interactive session out of a presentation. Increase your active engagement in measurable ways!

Topics in Educational Technology: A Continuum of Technology Integration - From K to Professional 

This talk will provide real-life examples of technology integration into curricula from kindergarten through graduate/professional school. How technology is used to transform teaching and learning will be the focus of this webinar.

April 17

Topics in Educational Technology: Educational Technology Websites & Google Classroom Integration in the K-12 Classroom 

Although Google Classroom is used as a learning management system (LMS) in many classrooms, it can also be used in conjunction with many educational technology websites to help with student learning and differentiation. In order to create a blended learning classroom, students need to have access to online resources, such as lessons and modules, and work in an online environment where they can collaborate and create digital projects. There are a variety of educational technology websites that integrate with Google Classroom, such as Book Creator, Flipgrid, CK-12, OpenEd, Edulastic, etc. that are available for both teacher and students to use for free. Teachers will interact with these educational technology websites, create lesson plans, apply them into the curricula, and easily integrate them into Google Classroom.

Topics in Educational Technology: Starting a First Lego League Robotics Club 

This webinar will review one team's experiences from the viewpoint of a teacher in an after-school club. This club prepares each year for the First Lego League tournament in the Northen New Jersey qualifying section. It will go over costs, what you need to get started and the different aspects of the program, which range from programming to ideas on how to create a project.

April 18

Topics in Educational Technology: Personalized Learning and Technology 

This webinar will dispel any misconceptions about personalized learning and how it should be implemented, as well as technology's role in it, thus demonstrating how systemically using the technology to act as facilitator is far superior to what has — in the past — been considered teaching.

April 25

Topics in Educational Technology: Engaging Online Learners

  • This webinar will review researched best practices that can be used to engage online learners. Synchronous online learning doesn’t just involve discussion boards. It can involve video, polls, and supplemental tools that will be covered in this session.

May 1

Topics in Educational Technology: Using H5P to Incorporate Active Learning into Online, Blended and Web-Enhanced Courses 


  • Presenter: Daniel Ward
  • Wednesday, May 1, 4:00-5:00pm
  • Location: Online

In this webinar, we will explore the importance of Active Learning activities online to enhance online, blended and online courses. An overview of H5P, an easy-to-use platform to create interactive online exercises, will take place. Steps on how to incorporate H5P activities into a Learning Management System will be provided.

May 6

Topics in Educational Technology: Raspberry Pi 


  • Presenter: Steven Wong
  • Monday, May 6, 6:00-7:00pm
  • Location: Online

Join to learn how to use raspberry pi to establish hands on projects in your classroom.

Topics in Educational Technology: What Every Ed Tech Leader Needs to Know about Building a STEM Lab 


  • Presenter: Deborah K. Nagler, & Martha Osei-Yaw
  • Monday, May 6, 8:00-9:00pm
  • Location: Online

A STEM lab brings together the study of four critical 21st Century disciplines using the best tools that digital education has to offer. Join us for an interactive webinar that will explore the benefits of developing a STEM lab within your school community.

May 7

Topics in Educational Technology: Storytelling & Scratch Coding 


  • Presenter: Carol Munn
  • Tuesday, May 7, 7:00-8:00pm
  • Location: Online

Everyone has a story to tell. See how Scratch coding can be used in telling a story. This activity reinforces 21st century skills such as computational fluency, sequential learning, creativity, etc.

May 10

Assistive Technology Virtual Information Session

  • Friday, May 10, 2019, 3:00-4:00pm
  • Location: Online

Join us to learn our new certificate program in Assistive Technology.


Topics in Educational Technology: MakerSpace - Lessons Learned with Layout, Curriculum, Scheduling, and Problem-based Learning


  • Presenter: Rebecca W Kreider
  • Friday, May 10, 4:00-5:00pm
  • Location: Online

Have you implemented a MakerSpace or MakerEd into your school or classroom recently? Increase your awareness of possible obstacles and learn from one district’s implementation of a fully-funded MakerSpace.