Dr. Christopher Shamburg

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Dr. Christopher Shamburg

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I am a Professor in the Graduate Program in Educational Technology and a Coordinator of the Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership.  I am the author of several books on educational technology.

I am also the Secretary of the NJCU University Senate, the past Vice President (2021-2023) and past President (2017-2021).

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Recent Presentations

Shamburg, C. (2023). Inclusion, engagement, and assistive technology (Moderator). New Jersey Educational Computer Cooperative. Link to Agenda.

Amerman, T., Holzman, P., Shamburg, C. (2023).  ABC&D's to empower students with technology access. Innovations in Special Education Technology, New Jersey Association of Pupil Services Administrators.

Marks, C. & Shamburg, C. (2022). Remote living: Voices from across the digital divide. AERA 2022 Annual Conference, Virtual. Link here for Presentation.

Shamburg, C. (2022). Learning Taboo Topics Online: Witchcraft on YouTube. In T. Bastiaens (Ed.), Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning (pp. 662-670). Online: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved from https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/221354/.

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Shamburg, C. (2021).  Kickstarting educational innovation. Instructional Technology Council, 2021 Annual Meeting, Virtual.   Link Here for Paper.

Shamburg, C., Zieger, L., Hudley, O., Negron, M., Osei-Yaw, M. Welz (2021). Reimagining the future: Education and the post-COVID school. [A Panel Discussion]. Event Sponsor by the New Jersey City University Educational Technology Department.  Link Here for Proceedings.

Shamburg, C., Zieger, L., Amerman, T., & Bahna, S. (2021).  When school bells last rung: New Jersey schools and the COVID shutdown.  AERA 2021 Annual Conference, Virtual. Link Here for Presentation.

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Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


A Case Study  of an E-Learning Platform for Social and Emotional Learning in an Urban Charter Middle School: A Narrative Approach to Qualitative InquiryDeniz Ismailoff2023
The Role of School Mission in Technology Implementation in K-12 Independent SchoolsSusan Murray2023
Digital Social-Emotional Learning: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study of Elementary School Teachers' Experiences in Teaching Social-Emotional Learning with Digital TechnologyFilez Zeybek2023
New Jersey School Superintendents’ Lived Experiences and Perceptions Using Social Media ProfessionallyJennifer Giordano2022
Adaptive Learning Systems in the Middle School Math ClassroomRenee Howard2022
Virtual Bodega: Promoting Access Through Equity for Hispanic and Latino StudentsAlieen Matias-Castro2022
Integrating Social Emotional Learning Through the Use of Virtual RealityCatherine Kirby2022
College Admissions in the Time of Covid-19: Technology, Training, and the Secondary School CounselorChristine Enrico2021
Using the ADDIE Model to Teach an Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Vaping Curriculum in an Online Learning Environment: An Action Research ProjectJudith L. Francis2021
Best Practices in Educational Technology in Two-Year Community College Writing CentersJohn Findura2021
ClassDojo and Home-School Communication Linda L. Lampert2020
Library Evolution, Digital Revolution: The Role of the Academic Library in the Campus Community Susan Van Alstyne2020
Understanding Principal Leadership in Future Ready Schools Patrick St. Aubyn Holness, Jr. 2020
Factors that Impact Decision-Making of School Administrators Regarding Technology Purchases Peter J. Mattaliano2020
Analyzing a DIY Online Genealogical Community: Collectively Learning How to Discover Family History in a Community of PracticeAnna Boscarino 2019
Cleared for takeoff? A Collective Case Study of the Academic Value of Drones in STEM Education Through the Lens of Cultural-Historical Activity TheoryAlexander George Kuziola2019
A Digital Room of Our Own: A Narrative Inquiry of Rural Middle School Youth in an Online Writing CommunityLeah Kay Shull2019
School Librarians' Participatory Practices and Development of Professional Identities in a Twitter Online Professional Learning Network (PLN)Krista Welz2019
A Phenomenological Study of Women's Participation in Makerspace Communities of PracticeDeborah Kantor Nagler2018
Educational Technology Commercialization, Use, and Adoption in Public K-12 SchoolsDowayne Davis2018
Through the Looking Glass with Open Educational ResourcesMeredith Blair Moore2018
Educational Leaders’ Experiences and Perceptions of Response to Intervention in New JerseyRuth-Anne Reitelman Sokol2018
A Study of Teaching a Second Language Using the Universal Design for Learning ModelJohanna D. Amaro2018
Exploring Innovation: A Qualitative Study of Academic LibrariesLinda S. Beninghove   2017
Implementation of Microcontrollers in the Colorado Fashion Design and Merchandising Curriculum: An Exploratory Case StudyKatrina Blatnick-Gagne2017
Content Analysis of Copyright Policies and Fair Use Guidelines in Research UniversitiesMin Chou2017
Implementing an Online Executive Function Curriculum: A Case StudyLori A. Dini2017
Game-Based Learning in Action: How Transformational Leaders Use Games in Their Teaching PracticeMatthew Farber2016
Management of Educational Technologies in New Jersey Community Colleges: A Narrative InquiryYelena Lyudmilova2016



Ed.D--2001 Teachers College, Columbia University,  Instructional Technology 

MA--1996 Rutgers Newark, English Literature 

BA--1990 Rutgers College, Major: English Literature


2001-Present -- Professor, Graduate Program in Educational Technology, New Jersey City University (2001, Assistant Professor;  2007, Associate Professor; 2011, Professor) 2016-Present -- Coordinator for the Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership

1991-2001-- English/Language Arts Teacher, Hudson County Vocational-Technical School, County Prep High School.


Other Projects

2014-present -- Player Literacy Unbound, Teachers College Columbia University

2010-present --Consultant, New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education,  Develop and design educational experiences to increase the inclusion of students with special needs into regular education.

2016 -- External Reviewer Stockton University Masters of Arts in Instructional Technology

2014-2017 -- Coordinator for Mobile Technology, Picking Up the Pace Grant.  Oversee development of educational mobile app.

2013-2016 -- Technology Team Leader, Opening the Gate Grant. Develop and implement lecture capture system to improve developmental math scores.

1999-2010 -- Consultant and Workshop Leader for Folger Shakespeare Library.  Develop and lead workshops for national teacher training program. 

2014 -- Researcher, Institute of Play, Investigated state of innovative arts education for Arthur Miller Foundation funded project.

2011 -- Consultant Weld North Investment Company.  Evaluated core services of potential investment in educational services company.

2010-2011 -- Consultant for Special Services Department and Universal Design for Learning Project (INCLUDE), Perth Amboy School District, Perth Amboy NJ.

2008-2009 -- Consultant for Quest to Learn, a new public school in New York City funded by John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation.

2010 -- Consultant for New Jersey Emergency Management Project (EMT) online education program.

2006-2007 -- Lead External Evaluator for Montclair State University’s ADP Center for Teacher Preparation & Learning Technologies. Collected and analyzed data and coauthored report for 6.5 million dollar private grant (http://cehs.montclair.edu/academic/ADP/).

2004-2006 -- Lead  External Evaluator for Two Cycles of  Kids Officially Online (KOOL) Grant.  Collected and analyzed data assessing the impact of an online high school program in 5 urban schools.  Responsible for quarterly and annual reports to State of New Jersey Department of Education.

2006-2009 -- Teacher for NJeSchool, largest online public high school in New Jersey.  Develop and teach innovative, online high school English courses based on current learning theories and d social and technological trends: Podcasting and Creative Audio (developed and teach); Fanfiction and New Literacies (developed); Writing the College Essay Application (developed).

2000-2001 -- Curriculum Advisor for Institute for Learning Technologies.  Provided instruction and support to teachers in 13 New York City high schools in the use of Technology to help ESL students succeed at the Regents Exam.



2023 NJCU Riotto Service Award

2023 Owayo Athlete Ambassador

2021 SOMA Fox Running Club Fox Spirit Award

2013 HP STEMx Catalyst Fellowship

2012 New Jersey Award for Excellence in Teacher Education

2001 Teacher of the Year Hudson County Schools of Technology

2001 Governor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching  

1995 Geraldine R. Dodge Award for Teacher of Humanities

1994, 1995 National Endowment for the Humanities Teaching Grant Fellowships


Professional Interests

My professional interests focus on the pedagogical applications of new literacies and digital  technologies.  I have researched and published on the following topics:

  • Educational applications of new media
  • New literacies, technology, and language arts education
  • Universal design for learning, special education, and inclusion 
  • Development of online learning environments
  • Technology and informal education
  • Fair use, copyright, digital media, and teaching


National Association of Parliamentarians (2019-Present)

New Jersey State Special Education Advisory Council (Board Member, 2016-2022)

New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative (Advisory Board)

New Jersey Association for Educational Technology (Executive Board Member, 2010-2016)

NJEDge (Chairperson, Best Practices Selection Committee 2006-2015)  

International Society for Technology in Education (Affiliate Board Member, 2011-2016)

American Educational Research Association (Member)

New York Unicycle Club  (Member)

SOMA Fox Running Club  (Member)

New York Road Runners  (Member)

World Science Fiction Society (Member)

Beacon Unitarian Universalists, Summit, NJ (Member, Membership Team, Congregational Parliamentarian)