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Geographic Information Systems for Intermodal Transportation Methods, Models, and Applications
Elsevier, March 2023
Dr. EunSu Lee (Management)


Identifying Suitable Solid Waste Landfill Sites Using Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management, May 2022
Hina, Syeda Mahlaqa; Szmerekovsky, Joseph; Lee, EunSu (Management Department); Amin, Muhammad; Arooj, Syeda

Relative persuasiveness of repurchase intentions versus recommendations in online reviews 
Journal of Retailing, June 2022
Prashanth Ravula (Marketing), Subhash Jha, and Abhijit Biswas

Impact of delivery performance on online review ratings: the role of temporal distance of ratings.
Journal of Marketing AnalyticsMay 2022
Prashanth Ravula (Marketing)

Strategic port management by consolidating container terminals
The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, March 2022
GeunSub Kim, EunSu Lee (Management) and BoKyung Kim.

Monetary and hassle savings as strategic variables in the ride-sharing market
Research in Transportation EconomicsMarch 2022
Prashanth Ravula (Marketing)

Business-to-business platform ecosystem practices and their impacts on firm performance:
Evidence from high-tech manufacturing firms, July 2022
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management
Wang, C. H., Chang, C. H., & Lee, Zui Chih Rick (Marketing)


An Empirical Study on Automated Software Test to Improve Software Quality: A Case Study of Pakistan
Management Review: An International Journal, December 2021
Ala A. Karim, Syeda M. Hina, EunSu Lee (Management), and Syeda Arooj

The impact of COVID-19 on online product reviews
Journal of Product & Brand Management, November 2021
Omer Cem Kutlubay, Mesut Cicek, and Serdar Yayla (Marketing)

Book: Collective Bargaining in Higher Education: Best Practices for Promoting Collaboration, Equity, and Measurable Outcomes
Routledge, November 2021
Dr. Daniel Julius (Management)

Did the Panama Canal expansion benefit small US ports?
Maritime Transport Research, September 2021
Jorge Medina (Economics), Jong Ho Kim, and EunSu Lee (Management)

The impact of demographic similarity on customers in a service setting
Journal of Business Research, September 2021 
Erin Cavusgil, Serdar Yayla (Marketing), Omer Cem Kutlubay, Sengun Yeniyurt

Regional Effects of Perceived Risks of Harm on Cigarette Smoking among U.S. High School Seniors: Evidence from Monitoring the Future
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, August 2021
Dr. Jorge Medina (Economics)

Spatial key performance indicators on the statewide ambulance service coverage of multiple regional classifications 
Transactions in GIS, June 2021
Dr. EunSu Lee (Management), Dr. Melanie McDonald (Management), Dr. William Montgomery (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences), and Dr. Erin O’Neill (Health Sciences)

Statewide Ambulance Coverage of a Mixed Region of Urban, Rural and Frontier under Travel Time Catchment Areas
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, March 2021
Dr. EunSu Lee and Dr. Melanie McDonald (Management department) on their new publication co-authored with Dr. Erin O'Neill (Health Sciences department, NJCU) and Dr. William Montgomery (Earth and Environmental Sciences department, NJCU)

Predicting Oil Production Sites for Planning Road Infrastructure: Trip Generation Using SIR Epidemic Model
Infrastructure, January 2021
Dr. EunSu Lee (Management), Dr. Debananda Chakraborty (Mathematics), and Dr. Melanie McDonald (Management)


How One Business School Used the Covid-19 Crisis to Keep Students Engaged While Practicing Social Distancing 
Transnational Journal of Business, December 2020 
Wanda Rutledge and Lenny Williams  

A preliminary analysis of US import volumes and regional effects associated with the Panama canal expansion 
Research in Transportation Economics, December 2020 
Medina, Jorge, Kim, J. Ho, & Lee, EunSu 

Effective municipal solid waste collection using geospatial information systems for transportation: A case study of two metropolitan cities in Pakistan 
Research in Transportation Economics, December 2020 
Syeda Mahlaqa Hina, Joseph Szmerekovsky, EunSu Lee, Muhammad Amin, Syeda Arooj 

Algorithmic Trading for Online Portfolio Selection Under Limited Market Liquidity   
European Journal of Operational Research, November 2020 
Ha, Youngmin and Zhang, Hai 

Online Transportation and Logistics Program: A Case Study 
IIRE Journal of Maritime Research and Development, October 2020 
Mokashi, A. Jayant., Lee, EunSu, De La Fuente, Natalia, & Picciano, Anthony 

The Rise and Fall of Sino-American Post-Secondary Partnerships 
CSHE Research and Occasional Papers Series, September 2020 
Mel Gurtov, Daniel J. Julius and Mitch Leventhal 

The Effect of Internationalization on Firm Performance: A Moderating Role of Heterogeneity in TMTs’ Nationality SEP 
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, September 2020 
Song, Sujin, & Lee, Seoki 

America’s Marine Highway stakeholders: a system-scale analysis of influence in decision making
WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, September 2020 
Mokashi, A. Jayant, Becker, Austin, & Corbett, J. James 

The effects of guanxi with supervisor on whistleblowing
Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting, July 2020
Emerson, D., Yang, L. and Li, Y. 

Dynamic Response Systems of Healthcare Mask Production to COVID-19: A Case Study of Korea 
Systems, June 2020
Lee, EunSu, Chen, Y. Yu, McDonald, Melanie, & O’Neill, Erin 

Antecedents and consequences of cross-effects: An empirical analysis of omni-coupons 
International Journal of Research in Marketing, June 2020
Ravula, Prashanth, Bhatnagar, Amit, & Ghose, Sanjoy 

Ambulance Pre-Assignment Problem: A Case Study of Jersey City, New Jersey
Journal of Strategic Innovation & Sustainability, June 2020 
Lee, EunSu, De La Fuente, Natalia, McDonald, Melanie, & O'Neill, Erin 

The Issue of Endogeneity and Possible Solutions in Panel Data Analysis in The Hospitality Literature 
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, May 2020 
Park, Sungbeen, Song, Sujin, & Lee, Seoki 

The Effects of Retaliation on Whistleblowing Intentions in China Banking Industry 
Journal of Accounting and Organizational Changes, April 2020 
Yang, L. and Xu, R.L. 

Revitalizing Scholarship on Academic Collective Bargaining 
Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy, March 2020 
Daniel J. Julius 

Two Wrongs Make a ‘Right’? Exploring the Ethical Calculus of Earnings Management Before Large Labor Dismissals 
Journal of Business Ethics, March 2020 
Andreicovici, Ionela, Cohen, Nava, Ferramosca, Silvia, & Ghio, Alessandro 

Margin practices and requirements during the National Banking Era: An early example of macro‐prudential regulation 
Review of Financial Economics, March 2020 
McSherry, B., & Wilson, B. K. 

The asymmetric response of the economy to tax changes before and after 1980 
The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, January 2020 
Bossie, Andrew 

Investors’ responses to social conflict between CSR and Tax avoidance  
Journal of International Accounting Research, January 2020 
Emerson, D., Xu, R.L. and Yang, L. 

Investors’ perceptions of the cybersecurity risk management reporting framework 
International Journal of Accounting & Information Management, January 2020 
Yang, L., Lau, L. and Gan, H.