The Business and Economics Research Committee organizes research seminars where faculty and students discuss their research with the NJCU community. Each week there is a 30 minutes presentation, with additional time for conversation and questions. This seminar series meets virtually every Friday.

March 15 - Determining Optimal Assembly Condition for Camera Lens Module Production by Combining Genetic Algorithm and C-BLSTM 
Hyegeun Min 

February 16 - A Model for Predicting Regional Future Deployment of Alternative-fuel Vehicles and Travel Demand: Gompertz Growth Modeling Approach
GwanYong Oh 

February 16  - Comparative analysis of changes in passenger's perception for airline companies' service quality before and during COVID-19 using topic modeling
Dohun Kim
January 12 - Innovations in transportation efficiency: practitioner and academic perspectives. 
Daisik Nam, Jiang Ting, Hanbyul Ryu
Organized with ASCM. 


February 25th - The impact of demographic similarity on customers in a service setting
Serdar Yayla

March 25th - Expanding Access to Government Exchanges: A Proposal to Address Health Care Affordability
Gita K. Sharma and Lukas J. Helikum

April 29th  - Leadership and Management Strategies and Actions in American Museums in the Post Covid Digital Era
Daniel Julius


Option Price Predictability, Splines, and Expanded Rationality
Huijian Dong (Finance), New Jersey City University

Charitable alignment and auditor-client contracting: An exploratory study
Nava Cohen (Accounting), New Jersey City University


The Illusion of Health Care: Impact of Rising Out-of-Pocket Expenses 
Gita K. Sharma and Lukas J. Helikum, New Jersey City University  

Predicting Oil Production Sites for Planning Road Infrastructure: Trip Generation Using SIR Epidemic Model 
Melanie McDonald, Debananda Chakraborty and EunSu Lee, New Jersey City University  

How do auditors respond to real earnings management? 
Ling Yang, New Jersey City University 

Gender Differences in Word-of-Mouth Content and Persuasive Impact 
Prashanth Ravula, New Jersey City University 

Who Manipulates Data During Pandemics? Evidence from Newcomb-Benford Law 
Xiaodi Zhu, New Jersey City University


The Panama Canal Expansion and Small U.S. Ports: Did They Benefit?
Jorge Medina, New Jersey City University

When Distant Partners Collaborate: The Role of Cultural Distance in the Performance of Multilateral Partnerships
Serdar Yayla, New Jersey City University

Overconfidence, Under-reaction, and Warren Buffett’s Investments
Mingshan Zhang, New Jersey City University

Learning Jumps of Cryptocurrencies’ Return and Volatility: Evidence from Jump-Diffusion Models
Li Xu, New Jersey City University

The Disconnect Between State Laws Regarding Cannabis Legalization and Employee Protections
Gita Sharma, New Jersey City University

The Highs & Lows of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Working Parents and the Implications for the Future of Work
Sevincgul (Sev) Ulu, New Jersey City University

Ambulance Pre-Assignment Problem: A Case Study of Jersey City, New Jersey
Natalia De La Fuente & EunSu Lee, New Jersey City University

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