About Incomplete and Changed Grades

The NJCU policy on incomplete grades can be found on the Undergraduate Catalog (identical policy within the NJCU Catalog.

A grade of Incomplete (IN) should be submitted only for extraordinary situations in which a student is missing a course requirement, such as an examination, term paper, project, or required presentation. The IN grade is not to be used when a student is missing greater than 50% of the graded work in a course.

An Incomplete grade is not intended for situations in which a student has missed a significant number of class meetings and/or assignments (i.e., in situations in which an “F” grade would be more appropriate). Faculty should not offer a student an IN grade as a means to resubmit work or submit extra work in an attempt to earn a higher grade. Following these principles, the assignment of an IN grade is at the sole discretion of the instructor.

Before submitting an IN grade, faculty should inform the student about the reason for the IN grade, which exact work remains outstanding, and how and when the student is expected to complete the remaining work. For the purposes of documentation, the Dean’s office recommends sharing this information with the student via NJCU email and copying the student’s academic advisor.

An IN grade should be changed to the appropriate letter grade (A-F or P/F) no later than six weeks after the beginning of the subsequent semester. At this point, the IN grade will automatically default to an “F” and cannot be subsequently changed except in extraordinary circumstances that are documented in writing by the faculty member.

Change of Grade Requests

In the School of Business, requests for grad changes are permitted up to a maximum of six months from the posting of the original grade and must be finalized in the Registrar’s office before a student’s degree is posted. A link to the form is provided on the School of Business website under Student Resources. Grade changes are permitted for reasons that include faculty grading error, faculty submission error, or updating an “IN” grade. Grades are not to be changed for work submitted or completed by a student after the scheduled final class meeting (including “make-up” or extra-credit assignments) or for other reasons related to grade improvement. Faculty members requesting a change of grade must provide written rationale in support of the request.