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Welcome to NJCU’s Psychology Community!

Curious about the field of Psychology? NJCU’s Psychology community is composed of two bodies, NJCU’s Psychology Society and NJCU’s chapter of Psi Chi, The International Honor Society In Psychology. Together, we hope to inspire future leaders to use Psychology in their daily lives in order to develop essential skills needed in any field of work! 

NJCU Psychology Society

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The Psychology Society is a student-run organization that opens to all majors at NJCU! If you are curious about what the concentration holds, engage with us and find the beauty of the social science of the mind! Psychology is everywhere, therefore, let’s apply it to our daily lives and become altruistic members of society! Being members of the Psychology Society, we create a safe and informative environment for students of all majors to share topics of interest and find the relationships they may have to Psychology.

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NJCU’s Chapter of Psi Chi, The International Honor Society In Psychology

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NJCU’s chapter of Psi Chi is open to all students majoring or minoring in Psychology! Join us if you are looking to dive deep into the beauty of this social science!  

Requirements include

  • Completion of 3 semesters at NJCU. 
  • Completion of 9 semesters hours at NJCU. 
  • Ranking in the top 35% of their class. 
  • Having a minimum of 3.3 undergraduate GPA; 3.0 graduate GPA.

Psi Chi Honor Society Member Benefits

  • Psi Chi membership is an honor that can be noted on employment applications, vitae, and resumés. 
  • New members are presented with an official certificate of membership and are distinguished to graduate with honors.  
  • Psi Chi members obtain lifetime memberships  
  • The U.S. government accepts membership as one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level for numerous professional and technical occupations. 
  • Apply for assistance traveling to conventions, conducting research projects, promoting diversity, financing your education, and more. 
  • Psi Chi is ACHS accredited, well-represented, and respected among professional ranks of all behavioral sciences. 
  • Become an officer and practice leadership skills. Here is a list of roles.

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More questions? Contact co-advisors Dr. Peri Yuksel ( and/or Dr. Wei Zhang (

Meet Our Advisors

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Dr. Yuksel is the co-advisor of Psi-Chi. She is a developmental psychologist and is enthusiastic about creating a non-traditional class to promote student growth. Dr. Yuksel also spends her time researching, planning student study abroad trips, and helping her students find better ways to learn. Her goal is to see her student fall in love with psychology rather than be afraid of it and succeed. As a co-advisor, she is always motivating Psi-Chi members to become involved and explore the psychology field and always encourages questions. Dr. Yuksel is a committed club advisor and helps Psi-Chi’s goal of connecting with psychology.

Dr. Yuskel's publications

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Dr. Zhang is the co-advisor of Psi Chi. She conducts research that examines biological and environmental effects on human emotions and behavior development with integrations of neurobiological approaches and statistical methods. While collaborating with students, Dr. Zhang allows students to grow at their own pace and discover the many opportunities that a single student can have while achieving academic and scientific excellence. 

Dr. Zhang's publications

Meet Our Presidents

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Hafsa Dawood is a senior at NJCU majoring in Psychology. She is currently serving as the NJCU Psychology Society President, and also as Intern at NJCU Counseling Center. During her 2 years at NJCU she has been fortunate enough to be consecutively on Dean's Honor List, OSP Honor Student, an honor student at Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society, Member of The National Society of Leadership and Success, and Summer Research Intern for 2021.

As a new immigrant her path was a not easy. Involvement to NJCU Psychology Society and to the community is her unspoken way to make sure that everyone continues to grow.

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Alisa Martin Leighton joined New Jersey City University as a doctoral candidate in Cohort 7 of the university’s Educational Technology Leadership program. For her last year in the program, she will complete her dissertation on “The mental health of university professors as they transition from face-to-face settings to online teaching and learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

In addition to her doctoral studies, the Fall semester of 2021, Martin Leighton will take part in the LDTC program at NJCU. Currently, she practices as a therapist and in the process of establishing a publishing company publish books for children with special needs. Martin Leighton is also member of The State of New Jersey’s Preschool Standard’s Committee and actively participates in several workshops for New Jersey’s Council for Exceptional Children.

Most of Martin Leighton educational experience has been in New York City, where she attained her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education at The City College of Education (CCNY) and her graduate degree in Early Childhood Education at The Bank Street College of Education while collaborating with various departments within Columbia University. 

Martin Leighton‘s years in education have been extensive. In total, she has over thirty years of serving families both in New York and New Jersey. She spent ten years as an administrator in a Head Start program in Brooklyn, New York, and the remaining years as a therapist for Early Intervention and a classroom teacher at Bank Street.


Disclaimer Statement:

The NJCU Psychology Society strives to connect humans in their quest for wellbeing and a positive outlook on life. A broad range of speakers from various disciplines and cross-cultural contexts and experiences are invited to share dilemmas of the 21st century. The intention is to provide solutions on an individual, collective, or societal level because each human being plays a significant role in contributing to the wellbeing of others and themselves. The NJCU Psychology Society provides a platform to connect interdisciplinary scholars with community members to strengthen the social fabric of our ever-changing society by having conversations across cultures and diverse world views.

Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the invited guest speakers throughout their slides and presentation belong solely to the guest speakers and do not necessarily present the views of the NJCU Psychology Society, Psi Chi, or Department.