News & Events in Psychology

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News & Events in Psychology

Hosted by the NJCU Psychology Society & Chapter of Psi Chi

Functi@ning in a Distr@cted W@rld

Monday, April 3, 2023 | Time: 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Join in person: Hepburn Hall, H202


Keynote: “The Words to Survive: On Teaching and Writing through Illness and Long Covid” by Jersey City Poet Laureate Dr. Ann Wallace




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Spark talk: “Teaching Tech to Both Sides of the Brain” by Awarded film maker Professor Joel Katz






The mission of Pedagogy Day is to bring together scholars, educators, and students to exchange ideas on current evidence-based teaching and learning practices. The theme for 2023 focuses on how the human mind functions in a distracted world through sustained attention. The Pedagogy Day Committee is honored to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of NJ poet laureate Dr. Ann Wallace. In her keynote, Ann shares how decades of living with and through the disruption of illness—beginning with her cancer diagnosis as a college student—informed her approach to surviving, writing, and teaching through the early months of the pandemic. Through this time of profound disruptions and scarcities, both personal and communal, she drew from past crises and relied on a spirit of innovation and empathy, to develop capacious literacy opportunities for herself and her students. Prof Joel Katz's spark talk inspires educators and students to embrace technology and sheds light on ways of teaching techniques that foster creativity, originality, and fun.

The Pedagogy Day Committee looks forward to connecting with you all!

Peri Yuksel (Chair), Frank Nascimento, Wei Zhang, Lukas Helikum