Mission, Vision, and Goals

The mission of the Department of Online Learning (DOL) at NJCU is to provide effective and appropriate faculty and student support for the design, development, implementation, management, and evaluation of digital learning methodologies and educational technologies that improve outcomes in the technology-enhanced learning environment.

The department strives to:

  • Encourage and support the use of educational technology tools, including but not limited to the learning management system, video conferencing tools, and accessibility software, in the web enhanced, hybrid, and fully online learning environment.
  • Identify faculty and students’ needs in teaching and learning using technology.
  • Provide effective professional development for faculty, students and staff.
  • Engage the online student by providing support and resources throughout their academic career.
  • Support the development of online curriculum by providing instructional resources and tools that engage students in multiple learning modalities.
  • Improve the quality of NJCU’s online learning courses through rigorous assessment efforts.