Faculty and Staff Participation

Celebrate Our Graduates

NJCU faculty and staff are welcome to participate in the commencement ceremony in one of the two ways outlined below. 

  1. Seated as a guest: A University member watching the graduation ceremony with our students in the reserved faculty/staff seating area of the Prudential Center. This requires that you wear either personally owned or rented regalia.
  2. As a volunteer assisting with the program: A university member helping with commencement exercises. This role requires that you reserve and wear a marshal gown.

If you would like to serve in one of these ways, RSVP below to reserve regalia and a parking pass, and also indicate how you wish you participate in the ceremony. If you rent regalia, you will not be charged for it if you order by April 17, 2023. In that case, the University will cover the cost. 

All faculty and staff who RSVP to participate will receive an email by May 13 with further instructions regarding Commencement. Please RSVP using the button below before April 17, 2023.


More Details About Regalia

Faculty/Staff Regalia (Rental)

Faculty/staff must order rental commencement regalia if they do not plan on wearing their own. The University will cover this expense if the regalia is ordered by April 17, 2023. 

The regalia package includes a gown (bachelor's, master's, or doctoral), mortarboard cap, and hood, if applicable. Ordering by April 17, 2023, allows time for an Alma Mater hood—representing the college or university where the degree was earned and bearing the school colors on the satin lining—to be received. We are unable to provide hoods from international colleges and universities.

Rental regalia will be sent to the university and available at the ceremony. Faculty and staff may return the regalia at the Prudential Center immediately after the commencement ceremony.  

Faculty/Staff Regalia (Purchase)

Faculty and staff members may also purchase their own regalia. Herff Jones offers complete units (cap, gown, tassel, hood, and tam), or these items may be purchased separately. Please feel free to reach out directly to our Herff Jones representative for gown purchases:

Yona Benyamini
College Representative
Phone: 845-440-1116
Fax: 866-382-9238