Professor Emeriti


The status of emeriti, emeritus, or emerita may be conferred upon officially retired members of the university community who hold academic rank or title.

The status of emeritus may be conferred upon officially retired members of the university who hold academic rank or title. A professor to be designated emeritus must have demonstrated commitment to the university, its mission, and its students. He/she must have achieved distinction as a teacher and scholar and must have made significant contributions to the university and community.

Designation of a dean, vice president, or president as emeritus will be based on a record of outstanding leadership, evidence-based contributions to the university, and the support of two sponsors.

The award of emeritus status and/or the Distinguished Service Award shall be announced at convocation in the year in which the individual receives the award.

To nominate an individual for Emeriti status, please visit the Policy for Granting Emeritus Status and the Distinguished Service Award.



William J. Maxwell, Ed.D.
Carlos Hernandez, Ph.D.

Ruth A. Allen, Ed.D. retired 1980
Wilbur E. Apgar, Ph.D. retired 1973
Robert A. Arey, M.A. retired 1994
Ezri A. Atzmon, Ph.D. retired 1987
Esther Barish, Ed.D. retired 1994
Mitchell Batoff, Ed.D. retired 2001
Janet Bower-Bachelet, Ph.D. retired 1981
Harry L. Brown, Jr., Ed.D. retired 1988
Mary Ellen Campbell, M.F.A. retired 2012
Eleanor Campulli, Ed.D. retired 2001
Harold F. Carney, Ph.D. retired 1992
Amelia Chisholm, Ph.D. retired 1994
Stephen Clarke, Ph.D. retired 2000
Patrick DeCicco, M.A. retired 1993
John Dykstra, M.A. retired 1987
John (Jack) Egan, Ph.D. retired 2017
Cynthia Egli, M.S. retired 2013
Myrna Ehrlich, Ed.D. retired 2002
Seymour Eichel, Ph.D. retired 1994
Ann H. M. Estill, D.A. retired 1994
Elaine Foster, Ed.D. retired 1999
Doris Friedensohn, Ph.D. retired 1998
Benjamin Friedrich, Ed.D. retired 1994
Lena N. Galia, M.A. retired 1982
John E. Garone, Ed.D. retired 1994
Ellen Gruber Garvey, Ph.D. retired 2019
Robert Gold, Ph.D. retired 1994
Mildred Goodwin, M.A. retired 1992
Jean Goosen, Ph.D. retired 1990
Thaddeus V. Gromada, Ph.D. retired 1992
George E. Hansler, Ph.D. retired 1991
Dorothy Dierks, Ed.D. retired 1994
Marion V. James, M.A. retired 1986
Onilda Jimenez, Ph.D. retired 1996
Benjamin Jones, M.A. retired 2010
JoAnne Juncker, Ph.D. retired 2011
Michael Kamel, Ph.D. retired 1984
Carmela Karnoutsos, Ph.D. retired 2009
Gladys S. Kleinman, Ed.D. retired 1988
Marguarite LaBelle, M.A. retired 2000
Michael LaBuda, Ed.D. retired 1996
Clifford Landers, Ph.D. retired 2002
Theodore Lane, Ed.D. retired 2001
Harold Lemmerman, Ed.D. retired 1998
Frances Levin, Ed.D. retired 2022
Jill Lewis-Spector, Ed.D. retired 2013
William A. Liggitt, Ph.D. retired 1987
Dale Lott, M.A. retired 1997
Richard Lowenthal, M.M. retired 2017
Joelna Marcus, Ph.D. retired 2000
Winifred McNeill, M.F.A. retired 2022
Fred E. Means, Ed.D. retired 1994
Dorothy Menosky, Ed.D. retired 1997
Theresa Michnowicz, M.S. retired 2017
Shelley Neiderbach, Ph.D. retired 1997
Edith I. Nelson, M.Ed. retired 1994
Nancy Vives Neuman, M.A. retired 1998
Harold Newman, Ed.D. retired 1997
Howard Parish, Ed.D. retired 2002
Nis Adolph Petersen, Ed.D. retired 1992
Charles Plosky, M.F.A. retired 2015
Lois V. Pratt, Ph.D. retired 1991
Anneke Prins Simons, Ph.D. retired 2000
Richard Riggs, Ed.D. retired 2012
Carrie Robinson, Ed.D. retired 2023
Herbert Rosenberg, M.F.A. retired 2015
Herman Rosenberg, Ph.D. retired 1990
Maria Rost, J.D. retired 1994
Barbara Rubin, Ph.D. retired 2000
Robert S. Russell, Ed.D. retired 1990
Bernice M. Ryan, M.Ed. retired 1976
Gabe Sanders, Ed.D. retired 1988
Adelaida Reyes Schramm, Ph.D. retired 1997
Caroline Jane Scott, M.A. retired 1991
Gary Spencer, Ed.D. retired 1994
Catherine J. Starke, Ed.D. retired 1991
Sr. Joan Steans, M.F.A. retired 1998
Jane Steuerwald, M.F.A. retired 2020
Rita Tesler, Ph.D. retired 2008
Janice Van Alen, Ed.D. retired 2007
Maredia Warren, Ed.D. retired 2017
Lois Weiner, Ed.D. retired 2018
Joseph S. Weisberg, Ed.D. retired 2002
M. Jerome Weiss, Ed.D. retired 1994
Prentice Whitlock, Ph.D. retired 1992
Stanley N. Worton, Ph.D. retired 1990
Bohdan Yaworsky, Ph.D. retired 2010
Ernest H. Ziegfeld, Ed.D. retired 1976

Charles Pratt, Ph.D. retired 2014, Received Award 2019
Sabine Roehr, Ph.D. retired 2022, Received Award 2023