Meet the RA Staff

Resident Assistants Are There for You 24/7

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who live on your floor. They are your primary resource for information and referrals regarding residence life and general campus concerns. They are committed to your personal well-being, overall development and academic success.

Get to know this year’s RAs:

Vodra Hall

Georgiana Balisage Headshot

Georglana Balisage

Major: English with a concentration in Literature and a minor in Women and Gender Studies

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to become an attorney.”

Fun Fact: “In 2015, I placed third in a state-wide poetry recitation competition (Poetry Out Loud) that started with 38,000+ students.”


Randy Thomas Headshot

Randy Thomas

Major: Global Business

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to become a college professor or an international financial analyst.”

Fun Fact: “I am a freelance street model.”

West Campus Village

Geovania Jones Headshot

Giovania Jones

Major: Psychology with a minor in Dance

Year: Sophomore

Goal: “I want to be a clinical psychologist and own a dance studio.”

Fun Fact: “I traveled to London.”

Marcus Daniels Headshot

Marcus Daniels

Major: Health Science

Minor: Fitness, Exercise and Sport

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to become financially free.”

Fun Fact: “I love to read books.”

Latrisha Robinson Headshot

Latrisha Robinson

Major: Psychology

Minors: Biology and Women and Gender studies

Year: Senior

Goals: “My short-term goal is to be accepted into a Psychology doctoral program outside New Jersey with a full scholarship. My long-term goal is to open up my own practice and give free sessions to underprivileged communities.”

Fun Fact: “Despite what you see in a picture, my braces are off now, so stop me to see this Colgate smile.”

Daeshawn Robinson Headshot

Dae’Shawn Robinson

Major: Global Business

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to own a house and settle down in the country.”

Fun Fact: “I used to perform in plays back at home.”

Jasmin Ovalle Headshot

Jasmyn Ovalle

Major: Health Science

Year: Junior

Goal: “My goal is to continue college after I earn my bachelor's degree and gradaute with a master's degree in health science.”

Fun Fact: “I cheer today and my whole life.”



Jeff Haddock Headshot

Jeffrey Haddock

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to pursue my masters degree in Speech Pathology and then go for my Ph.D.”

Fun Fact: “I’m a motivational speaker and open to speak positivity about growth with anyone.”

Samuel Toney Headshot

Samuel Toney

Major: National Security Studies

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to finish school with a GPA of a 3.0 or higher and to play professional basketball. My long-term goal is to own my security company.”

Fun Fact: “I’m goofy!”


Elias Colon Headshot

Elias Colon

Major: Fire Science

Minor: Criminal Justice

Year: Junior

Goal: “My goal is to be successful in all things that I do. I also want to be a professional baseball player.”

Fun Fact: “I love buffalo wings and disco fries.”

Co-Op Hall

Damonte Cancel Headshot

D’amonte Council

Major: Health Science

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to be successful in life.”

Fun Fact: “I don’t eat fried chicken.”

Mary Joseph Headshot

Mary Joseph

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

Goal: “My goal is to be a middle school counselor. I would also like to travel the world!”

Fun Fact: “I love styling my hair. It’s so calming to me.”

Jamaal Pierce Headshot

Jamaal Pierce

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Computer and Information Systems

Year: Senior

Goal: “I want to join or create a company based on machine building and artificial intelligence for robots to replace hard labor that humans face.”

Fun Fact: “I built my very own AI using a raspberry pi.”

Michael Cordero Headshot

Michael Cordero

Major: National Security Studies

Year: Sophomore

Goal: “My goal is to get a job in my field when I graduate.”

Fun Fact: “My favorite sport is Olympic wrestling.”