Leadership Opportunities

Build Leadership Skills While Actively Enriching Residence Life

Residence Life Team

Living on campus offers unique opportunities to gain the leadership skills needed for success in both the workplace and in life. Participation in programs like the ones below helps build confidence, teamwork, communications and problem-solving skills vital for effective leadership.

For more information, contact us at reslife@njcu.edu.  

Graduate Assistant

The Graduate Assistant position plays a vital role in creating a positive and engaging living environment for students. The GA will work closely with the Residence Life team to foster as sense of belonging among residents, provide personal and academic support, and contribute to the overall well – being of NJCU’s residential community. This position is designed to offer graduate students valuable professional development opportunities while making a meaningful impact on the student experience.

Resident Assistant

Gain the skills needed to lead confidently and effectively as a Resident Assistant (RA) in one of NJCU’s three residence halls. Fellow students will look to you for guidance in residence, campus and personal matters. You’ll be a role model. A peer counselor. A resource and referral source. A policy enforcer. You’ll be responsible for helping advance the academic and personal growth of those under your charge. As a paraprofessional staff member, you’ll also work with the Residence Hall Director and fellow RAs to develop and implement social and academic programs. This is where leadership begins!  

Residence Hall Association

Have a voice in what matters. As a member of the Residence Hall Association (RHA), you’ll represent your fellow resident students’ opinions in all aspects of residence life... from overall residence hall environment to planned social, cultural and educational activities. The RHA serves as a liaison between residents and the campus community, while advocating an environment that is inclusive and safe.

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