Student Government Association

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Student Government Association

The Student Government welcomes all current and prospective NJCU students to our website! The purpose of Student Government is to serve the student body and act as a liaison between the students, faculty and staff of the university.

SGA members

What We Do?

  • Leadership skills development
  • Advocates for students
  • Liaison to the administration
  • Connection to the Jersey City community
  • Plans student activities
  • Offers different ways of getting involved



Mission & Vision Statement of Student Government
Finance Policies and Procedures
Executives Board Office Hours
Student Council Dates


Ricky Cruz

Monday 4 pm to 5 pm 
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Meeting ID: 961 3044 6129 
Passcode: SGAPRES20 

Safa Mostafa
Executive Vice President

Tuesday and Thursday 5 pm to 6 pm
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Meeting ID: 960 8369 8218 
Passcode: 26963944 
Google Voice: 551-247-0489

Alexandru Platonov
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Monday and Wednesday 5 pm to 6 pm
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Meeting ID: 943 5946 1764 
Passcode: SGA_2020 

Richard Salmeron
Vice President of Internal Affairs

Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am to 4 pm
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Meeting ID: 232 964 3209 
Passcode: 01031914

Alan Cruz
Vice President of Public Information

Monday and Wednesday 4 pm to 5 pm
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Meeting ID: 951 3443 3236 
Passcode: NJCU2022 

Visit the Student Government Office GSUB 125 in order to learn how you can start a new student organization or how to get involved!