Policy Name: Retiree Email Account Policy
Policy Number: 03-05-022
Accountable Senior Administrator: Phyllis Szani, AVP, Information Technology
Issued: January 2022 (Interim)
Last Updated: January 2022

Policy Statement

This policy sets forth rules governing the use of all New Jersey City University (NJCU) issued email accounts for retirees once they have separated from the University. Employees who retire from NJCU may request access to a retiree email account through the collaborative efforts of the Department of Information Technology and Office of Human Resources.

Policy Text

NJCU faculty and staff members may not retain access to their regular NJCU email account once they have separated from the the University. However, retirees can submit a request for an NJCU retiree email account with the Office of Human Resources at the time of the exit interview.

  • Work email accounts will be deactivated upon retirement and a new retiree email account will be provisioned by the Department of Information Technology within one month of the request for a retiree account.
  • Work emails will not be transferred to the retiree email account .
  • Retiree email accounts will maintain the same naming convention followed by @retiree.njcu.edu.
  • Retirees who elect access to a retiree email account are required to comply with NJCU’s Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastrucutre and Resources policy.
  • Retiree email account holders who do not login to their email for more than one year will have their account deactivated.
  • NJCU will maintain ownership of all information, files, and other forms of data held on systems used and maintained by NJCU.

Related Policies and Documents

  • Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources

Responsible Office

  • The Department of Information Technology (IT)
  • The Office of Human Resources