Network Storage Policy

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Network Storage Policy

Policy Name: Network Storage Policy
Policy ID Number: 03-05-019
Version Effective Date: April 2019
Last Reviewed on: January 1, 2019
Policy Applies To: University wide
Responsible Office: Information Technology

“Network Storage” is comprised of a cluster of storage arrays and servers that connect to the network providing data storage for individual users and departments.  The allocated storage space is presented to users as locally mapped network drives available only through privileged domain access.

Network storage offers a number of benefits to users over storing files on local resources. Besides offering enhanced collaboration through data sharing and the ability to access files from authenticated devices, the system also provides automated daily and archival backups of files to disk and tape by the Department of Information Technology Services. The obvious benefit here is immunity from corrupt files due to system crashes, viruses or accidental deletions as well as adhering to file retention and data preserving policies.

This document defines who may request network storage and under what conditions this storage is to be used.

NAS – Network Attached Storage. A cluster of servers and disk storage dedicated to storing and sharing data and is typically presented to the user as a locally mapped drive resource or Network Drive.

Network Folder – A specific location on a NAS where departmental and user files are stored. 

Use of this service is optional but highly recommended for personnel who own and maintain data and information critical to the University mission. 

Network Storage is a critical infrastructure asset and available only through privileged domain access, either locally on the University domain or through VPN Access. To access this service, you must be a University employee and have been granted privileged access to departmental\university resources.   

All data stored in user, departmental or other shared folders on the University Network Storage systems are assumed to be the property of NJCU and are to be used for University-related purposes only. Copyrighted and non-licensed materials are not allowed on these servers. This includes all forms of multi-media data, particularly music and video files. Please be advised that the Department of IT reserves the right to remove and delete any data it deems to not be relevant to University business and its core mission.

Data on the Network Storage resource is backed up according to the University policy. However, it is the responsibility of the user to copy local files on the personal workstation to the network data storage area. 

Departmental, committee and other requested share resources shall follow standard naming conventions such as full name or abbreviated titles. 

User folder names will also follow standard user naming conventions. That is, first initial, last name, with a sequential number in the last character position in the event of a duplicate name.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
The following success of the policy will be assessed annually using the following quantifiable measures:

  1. All members of the NJCU “root” domain have an X: drive.
  2. Requests for network storage match number of network folders in service.
  3. Logs showing network storage successfully backed up
  4. Periodic successful restoration of random files from backup

Individuals are automatically provided network storage through login to the NJCU “root” domain. This drive appears as drive X: on a Windows computer, My System view.

Requesting Network Storage
Departments or Users interested in using centralized network storage for data backup must send an email to the Helpdesk at   

Email Notes

  • The Department Head must be cc’d to approve request.
  • The department folder name will be assigned according to the same naming conventions used for assigning web space names. If you have web space, please enter that folder name here. If web space has not been assigned, you may leave this blank. IT will assign an appropriate name for you. If you desire a specific abbreviation, please note it here. However, IT reserves the right to change this name if it conflicts with an existing name.
  • List all members of the department by full name and their NJCU Domain account names. This name is the same as the first part of the user’s Email address (before the “@” symbol).
  • For each member of the department, designate whether that person will be allowed full (read/write) or partial (read only) access to the department storage area. (see NetStorage Guidelines for more details).
  • For help in filling out the form, please contact the IT Helpdesk. It is provided on a departmental basis, at the request of the department chairperson by filling out an application.

Requesting Data Recovery
In the event of a hard disk crash, IT will reinstall all the computer files and system application personal preference files recorded from the most recent backup available. IT will not be responsible for restoring files that have not been backed up to Network Storage, nor the reinstallation of personal applications. See Network Storage Tips for other uses and helpful tips. Call or Email the NJCU Helpdesk for recovery services.

This policy is managed by:
University Title:    Associate VP for Information Technology
Location:                Rossey Hall, Room 58
Telephone:             (201) 200-3350
Facsimile:               (201) 200-2332

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Support Materials

  • Network Storage Guidelines
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All documents and forms are available from the IT website, Documents page and the University Policy 

As deemed necessary or appropriate by the Policy Coordinator but at a minimum, at least every 5 years from the date of last review.