Student Travel Policy

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Student Travel Policy

Policy Name: Student Travel Policy
Policy ID Number: 05-04-003
Version Effective Date: August 22, 2006
Applies To: Students
Responsible Office: Student Affairs
Approved By: Dean of Students

In the spring of 2005, President Carlos Hernandez charged the Vice Presidents with developing a set of comprehensive faculty/staff travel guidelines. At the same time, he charged the Vice President for Student Affairs with developing similar guidelines for Student Travel. A special task force was formed to develop the student travel guidelines. Prepared by the Dean of Students, the draft was submitted to the special task force, the Student Government Organization (SGO), the vice presidents, the unions, and the University Senate for comments.

Policy Statement
All enrolled undergraduate or graduate students who travel to and from activities and/or events that bear the name of New Jersey City University must comply with the University policies and practices for safe student travel contained herein. In addition to using sound judgment and following the federal and state laws that encourage safe travel, students traveling to and from University organized and sponsored activities or events may be required to use various modes of travel and travel under different conditions. Each form of travel requires the student to follow particular safety precautions.

The types of activities and events covered by this policy include those that are:

  1. Required, organized and/or sponsored by New Jersey City University and/or an officially recognized student organization
  2. Utilizing a vehicle owned or leased by the University
  3. Course-related field trips, the activities of officially recognized student organizations, and meetings of academic organizations where a student is officially representing the University
  4. Out-of-town athletic events; SGO-sponsored travel (i.e., Leadership retreat); Program-based travel (i.e. OSP, TLC, etc.); Academic or Student Leadership Conference participation
  5. Travel/study abroad trips


  • An organized event is one that is initiated, planned, and arranged by a member of the University's faculty or staff, or by the members of a recognized student organization, and is approved by an appropriate administrator.
  • A sponsored event or activity is one that the University endorses by supporting it financially, and/or by sending students to participate in it as official representatives of the University.
  •  An enrolled student is one who has been admitted to and is attending classes at the University either in person or on-line.
  • An appropriate administrator is a vice president, dean, department chair, or director/coordinator of an administrative unit, or their designee.
  • A recognized student organization is one that is acknowledged by the Student Government Organization and/or the Greek Senate.

Students are representatives of New Jersey City University whenever they participate in an off-campus activity that is funded fully or in part by the institution. As such, the students' behavior at off-campus activities is reflective of the University and therefore, it is the expectation of the University that the students recognize this and conduct themselves appropriately as indicated below:

  • Respect the security and protection of property belonging to individuals, to New Jersey City University, other institutions and/or facilities
  • Create an environment and maintain practices that sustain the cultural and educational goals of the travel
  • In addition to the policies listed below, follow the requisite laws and policies of the facility or university to which they have traveled, as well as the New Jersey City University Student Code of Conduct:
    • A. Individuals detained by the proper authorities should not expect assistance or remuneration from the University. New Jersey City University, its employees, and/or its authorized chaperones are not obligated to provide said individuals with legal assistance.
    • B. Individuals evicted from their place of lodging are personally responsible for obtaining alternative lodging for themselves. Any damages incurred at an establishment are the complete and direct responsibility of the students assigned to the damaged rooms.
    • C. Transportation, when afforded to students by the University, is a privilege. Individuals whose actions threaten the lives or safety of others, or violate the law, while in transit to or from an off-campus location, will immediately forfeit that privilege, regardless of any inconvenience or expense to that individual.


  • It should be noted that students traveling on any trip that is required, organized and/or sponsored by New Jersey City University must have their own insurance.
  • By New Jersey motor vehicle statutes, if an accident involves motor vehicles, the student's and/or his/her parents? auto insurance takes precedence.
  • In an accident, that does not involve motor vehicles, the student's personal accident and sickness insurance is applied.
  • If the student is part of an intercollegiate team involved in a regularly scheduled practice or game or is traveling, to and from such a practice or game, the student is covered by the athletic accident policy purchased by the institution.
  • For Travel/Study Abroad: Please note that Bollinger Insurance Company, the insurance carrier for the University, does offer medical evacuation and repatriation insurance. They can be accessed at SOS International also offers protection. Their website is

Funding Approval

  • University sponsored student travel expenses may be covered by the University. Requests for funding should be handled by the student advisor, unless otherwise stipulated by the SGO constitution procedures (see p. 10, Section K).
  • Funding should be requested at least one month prior to the date of departure and processed through the appropriate channels of authority. For example, Study Abroad requests would be channeled through the faculty member, department chair, dean, and vice president, in consultation with the Study Abroad office. Student Government Organization requests would be channeled through procedures outlined in the SGO handbook and constitution.
  • If hotel or airline services are required, the staff/faculty advisor should make the arrangements well in advance, and the appropriate administrator will authorize special check requests, purchase orders, etc. Please note: Only travel agencies approved by the University may be used.
  • Conference Participation: The appropriate faculty or staff member must submit a Student Travel Request for Authorization form at least one month in advance. The request should include all forms indicated in these guidelines. The University will not authorize students to travel alone to University-sponsored events. In cases where a proposal is submitted to an external organization for participation and/or presentations, a copy should be submitted to the appropriate administrator, in advance, so that a determination can be made regarding available funding.
  • Special Circumstances: On occasion, a student, faculty, or staff member will learn about an important event a short time before the activity. It is the responsibility of the faculty/staff member to complete a Student Travel Request for Authorization form to expedite approval and funding to the appropriate director, chair, dean and vice president. It must not be assumed that funding in these cases will be available and/or approved.

Travel Authorization
In order to ensure that the events or activities that involve student travel are within the scope of the University's mission, and that student safety issues have been addressed, travel undertaken pursuant to this policy must be authorized in advance by an appropriate administrator.

1. To request authorization, individual students and/or students who are members of recognized student organizations, who organize activities covered by this policy, must submit a completed Student Travel Request for Authorization form to the appropriate agenda, a bus contract, etc.) in order to receive approval. Whenever possible, the request should be submitted at least one month prior to the activity or event.

2. The following information/documents must be submitted with the Student Travel Request for Authorization Form:

  • A list of student travelers, including their names, local addresses and phone numbers, as well as the names and phone numbers of persons to contact in case of an emergency
  • The name and phone number for the responsible University employee(s) who will be available to the students at all times during the travel and activity
  • Copy of valid operators' license for any student who will operate vehicles
  • Copy of current medical insurance certificate, or both sides of a current group insurance membership card, for each student who wishes to participate in the activity or event
  • Completed and signed Release and Indemnification Agreement Form for each student
  • Completed and signed Authorization for Medical Treatment Form for each student

3. Course Field Trips

  • When leading group trips, faculty or staff members should carry emergency contact information, proof of medical insurance coverage, and the authorization for emergency medical treatment for each student.
  • Faculty members who teach courses that involve frequent field trips can collect the following information from students at the beginning of each semester and keep it on file with the appropriate administrator for use throughout a semester:
  • Proof of current medical insurance
  • Completed and signed medical authorization forms: Completed and signed release and indemnification agreements (a single release and indemnification agreement may be used if a single description fits all the proposed trips)
  • Proof of a valid vehicle operator's license for students who will operate vehicles
  • A one-time approval can be provided for multiple trips led by faculty or staff members that involve the same locations and same students.

Study Abroad
Any faculty member who wishes to offer students the opportunity to study abroad or out of the state must follow the appropriate procedures. Should a faculty member want to offer a New Jersey City University course off campus, the Student Travel Request for Authorization Form, as well as the required documents and information listed in Section F., must be submitted to his/her respective dean. Simultaneously, the same faculty member should consult with the Office of International Students and Study Abroad in the University Advisement Center, Vodra 101, Phone: 201-200-3300. This office will supply the faculty member/student with the necessary forms and requirements for faculty/students to participate in an educational experience abroad.

Commercial Travel
Students traveling by commercial transportation, whether domestic or international, must comply with all laws regulating travel and the rules of the specific carrier.

Travel by Motor Vehicle
1. Compliance with Laws and Policies

  • a. Motor vehicles used for travel covered by this policy shall have a current liability insurance card and a valid unexposed state inspection certification.
  • b. Travel undertaken by means of university-owned vehicles must comply with the requirements of New Jersey City University. The University Vehicle Request Form is available from the Public Safety Department in Vodra Hall, Room 129, Phone: 201-200-3127, Fax: 201-200-2240.

As excerpted from pages 2-3 of the New Jersey City University Fleet Policies and Procedures, (available in its entirety from the Public Safety Department) and the Travel Policy as developed through Accounts Payable, the requirements are indicated below:

  • i. The driver must be a University employee who must possess a valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle being driven. This must be reviewed by the Public Safety Department on an annual basis. In addition, the University driver must carry an insurance card and vehicle registration at all times.
  • ii. Prior to the operation of any University vehicle, it is the responsibility of the University driver and/or the department supervisor to inspect the vehicle for body damages before and after use.
  • iii. University vehicles must be legally parked with the engine off and doors locked when left unattended. The operator of the University vehicle responsible for the violation shall pay fines for traffic/parking violations.
  • iv. In accordance with the New Jersey State Law (39:3-76.2f ? Required Wearing of Seat Belt), the University driver and all passengers must use seat belts when traveling. All fines resulting from the failure to wear seat belts will be the sole responsibility of the driver or passenger.
  • v. Smoking in University vehicles is prohibited.
  • vi. Occupants of motor vehicles shall not possess, consume, or transport any alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.
  • vii. The use of cell phones (without a hands-free device) while driving, is strictly prohibited.
  • viii. All University passenger vans are limited to no more than 10 passengers.
  • ix. All drivers of University vehicles must attend and complete a mandatory Defensive Driving course given onsite by the NJ State Safety Council every two years, or as scheduled by Public Safety. University drivers of passenger vans must also attend van safety training. Training will be conducted at the University's time and expense.

2. Vehicle Operator Requirements

  • a. Operators shall comply with all laws, regulations, and posted signs or directions regarding speed and traffic control.
  • b. Operators shall take a mandatory thirty-minute rest break every four hours.
  • c. Operators shall drive no more than ten hours in any twenty-four-hour period.
  • d. Trips requiring more than ten hours driving time to reach a point of destination shall require overnight lodging.
  • e. A navigator shall be assigned for all trips scheduled to take more than two hours. The navigator must stay awake while on duty.

3. Travel by Privately Owned Vehicles
The use of personal vehicles by students for travel to events covered by this policy is strongly discouraged.

When requesting authorization for travel that involves the use of personally owned vehicles,
the requestor, in addition to submitting the information described in Section F. above, shall also submit a copy of a current liability insurance certificate for any vehicle to be used for the proposed travel.

The persons responsible for the proposed activity and travel shall inform students who will drive their privately owned vehicles that their personal liability insurance policy will be looked to first to cover any liability that may result from the use of the vehicle for the proposed travel.

4. Volunteer Drivers and Passengers
Nonstudent/nonemployee drivers and passengers who accompany students on travel covered by this policy must sign the Release and Indemnification Form and the Authorization for Medical Treatment Form prior to the trip.

5. Mechanical Breakdowns and Towing ? If a University vehicle breaks down off campus or becomes unsafe to drive, the Public Safety Department should be contacted at 201-200-3128.

6. Accidents

  • a. All accidents involving University vehicles must be reported to the Public Safety Department by the driver immediately, but no later than 24 hours after the accident occurred. The driver is responsible for contacting the police as a completed written police report must be obtained, and the police report file number must be given to the Public Safety Department.
  • b. In the event that a police report can not be filed, the following information must be obtained from the other driver? owner's name, address, and home telephone, driver's license number, vehicle description and plate number, insurance company name, phone number and policy number.
  • c. Students who were participants in an activity or event, and who sustained a personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident related to participating in the activity or event under this policy, must report to the University Health and Wellness Center in Vodra 107, Phone: 201-200-3456 immediately, but no later than 24 hours of the injury. If the injury was sustained at an hour during which the Health & Wellness Center is closed, students should report injuries as soon as the Center reopens during normal business hours.

7. Travel Expense Summary Form
A Student Travel Voucher is used for reimbursement/justification of travel expenses. Students are required to file the Student Travel Voucher with the appropriate department within two weeks after their return.

8. Student Government Organization--Travel Requirements as excerpted from the SGO By Laws, Finance Committee, under VII Limitations

  • Field trips required as part of the curriculum of an academic department, or exclusive for club members may not be included in the organization's budget.
  • Student may be reimbursed for travel and conference expenses, only if they are acting in the official capacity for SGO and have the approval of the Executive Board as per the NJCUConference Policy.
  • The transportation reimbursement will pay a maximum of $.25 per mile plus tolls for business-related travel. This $.25 covers fuel, depreciation and maintenance expenses. Cars used in transportation will be paid from point of departure to destination and back to point of departure. Charter buses may also be paid for from this line item. No reimbursement will be allocated without the transportation form and the receipts.

Please note: Questions regarding this policy should be directed to
the Office of the Dean of Students @ 201-200-3525.


Part I. Requestor/Sponsor/Organization Information
(Please attach a roster with names, addresses, phone nos. and emergency contact information for each participant)

Name of University Faculty/Staff Member Responsible for Trip:

Position /Title:

Administrative Unit/Organization:

Phones: Office(   )_________________ Cell(   )______________________


Part II. Student Information (If student is not a participant of a particular Group/Organization)

Name of University Student Participant: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phones: Home (   )___________________ Cell (   )___________________ 


Part III. Travel Information

Reason for Travel: _____________________________________________

Destination: __________________________________________________

Dates of Travel: Departure:___________________ Return: _____________

Total Number of Participants: (Attach list of Names)* for group activity only

Number of Non-Student Participants :_____________________________
(Attach list of Names)* for group activity only

Registration Fee (if Applicable): $________________

Transportation Arrangements (Check one):

Vehicle: Rental Car      Personal Car       Van         University-Owned Vehicle

Common Carrier______________________________________________

Name(s) of Drivers: ___________________________________________

Total anticipated cost: $___________________

Lodging Arrangements (Address and Phone Number Required):

Phone (    ) __________________________________________________

Total anticipated cost (Cost per night X the number of nights): $____________________

Meals Needed (Enter # of Each):
Breakfast____________ Lunch______________ Dinner_______________

Total anticipated cost: (not to exceed $36 per day):$___________________

TOTAL COST: $______________________

Part IV. Required Information/Documents:
Please check all applicable items that have been documented and filed:

______List of All Participants/Emergency Contacts (Attached)
______Release/Indemnification Agreements
______Proof of Medical Insurance
______Medical/Emergency Treatment Authorization Forms
______Valid Driver's License(s), if applicable________________________
______Proof of Current Liability Insurance (For Personal Vehicle Use Only) ____________________________________________________________

Name of University Employee Available for Contact in the Event of Emergency:

Phones:  Office(   )_________________ Home(   )____________________
Cell (    )____________________________

Part V. Administrative Approval
Sponsor Signature/Title/Date:_______________________________________________________________

Department Chair

Dean Signature/Date____________________________________________________________________


I understand and agree that the __________________________________________________ (activity) on
_________________ (date) with__________________________________ ___________________________________ (sponsoring organization, faculty, or staff member) of which I am a participant involves certain risks and that regardless of the precautions taken by the above organization, some injury may occur.

I understand and agree that the university accepts no responsibility for my acts or the acts of others when I participate in or travel to or from activities related to an organization.

Knowing this information, in consideration of my participation in the above event, I expressly and knowingly release New Jersey City University and the above organization and their respective representatives, officers, employees, advisors, and agents from any and all claims and causes of action for property damage, personal injury or death sustained by me arising out of any travel or activity conducted by or under the auspices of the University or the above organization caused by risk associated with this activity and/or the acts or omissions of the sponsoring group. Participant acknowledges that the above organization and the University are separate legal entities and should be treated as such.

I voluntarily and knowingly agree to protect, hold harmless, and indemnify the University and the above organization and their respective representatives, officers, employees, advisors, and agents against all claims, demands, or causes of action for property damage, personal injury, or death, including defense costs and attorney fees arising out of my participation in the University and above described activity, event, or travel.

I am eighteen (18) years of age or older and am competent to execute this agreement. If the participant is not eighteen (18) years of age, this release must be signed also by a parent or guardian.

By signing below, I (we) acknowledge that I (we) have read the agreement and understand the release of liability.

Print Name: __________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________


Date: _______________________________________________________


I. MEDICAL INFORMATION (please type or print legibly)

a. Name: ____________________________________________________

(Last, First, Middle)


(Street or P.O.Box, City, State, Zip Code)

Telephone Number: Day:(     )____________ Evening:(     )_____________

b. Name of Nearest Relative (or guardian if student is under 18 years of age):
(Last, First, Middle)


(Street or P.O.Box, City, State, Zip Code)

Telephone Number: Day: (    )______________Evening: (    )___________

c. Physician's Name:___________________________________________


(Street or P.O.Box, City, State, Zip Code)

Telephone Number: Office: ( ) Emergency: ( ) ______

d. Dentist's Name: ____________________________________________

(Street or P.O.Box, City, State, Zip Code)

Telephone Number: Office: (    )___________ Emergency: (    ) _________

e. Health Insurance Company Name: _____________________________

Policy Number: Telephone: (    ) _________________________________

f. Allergies:__________________________________________________

g. Current Medications: ________________________________________

h. Special Health Needs: _______________________________________

I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize New Jersey City University and its agents or representatives to consent, on my behalf, to any medical/hospital care or treatment (including locations outside the U.S.) to be rendered upon the advice of any licensed physician. I agree to be responsible for all necessary charges incurred by any hospitalization or treatment rendered pursuant to this authorization. The effective dates of this authorization are to 20 .

I am eighteen (18) years of age or older, have read the above authorization, and confirm that the information contained therein is true and accurate. (*If the participant is not eighteen (18) years of age or older, this release must be signed also by a parent/guardian.)

(Signature of Individual)

*(Signature of Parent or Guardian)

Date: _____________20______

As deemed necessary or appropriate by the Policy Coordinator but at a minimum, at least every 5 years from the effective date.