Community Service and Student Life

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Community Service and Student Life

In our program, students grow personally and professionally by connecting to the community and giving back. All Honors Program students are required to do a minimum of 15 community service hours per semester. Community engagement is also built into our curriculum. For students who want to engage even more and grow as leaders, our program has a partnership with the Center for Community Engagement.

One of our Honors students and community engagement leaders was featured in the GothicTimes, and reflected on her work as follows:

I’ve grown to look at the world through an intersectional lens of who is experiencing privilege, who isn’t, and why in a given situation. That background and world view is I think why I’m so big on leadership and community engagement. – Kiara Espinosa, Honors Class of 2021

Peer Mentoring

The NJCU Honors Program connects students with one another right away, based on their interests. This gives students a feeling of comfort and support along their four-year journey by pairing first-year students with a mentor who has been in the program at least a year. Your mentor will:

  • Answer your questions and guide you in the right direction
  • Get to know you on a deeper level
  • Help you with problems whether inside or outside of school
  • Have experienced the program for a year and be able to share their experiences and knowhow--from the classroom and library to commuting and dorm life.

It's a special experience to work with someone further along the path you are about to begin. Take full advantage of it!

Residence Life

Honors students are given priority admission to our newest dormitory, West Campus Village, as well as its NJCU Leadership Living and Learning Community. On a dedicated floor with student government leaders, athletes, other high-achieving students, and several key amenities, Honors Program students are set up to thrive in the best possible dormitory experience.