Learning Outcomes

By the end of the NJCU Honors Program’s Core Curriculum, an Honors student will have become:

  • an intellectually agile critical thinker and problem-solver who can demonstrate and apply knowledge across disciplines.
  • a skilled communicator who can clearly discuss what they mean in written communication.
  • a skilled public speaker who can create and construct compelling presentations and spoken arguments.
  • a savvy and technologically literate creator and user of information and technology, with abilities to assess and critically evaluate sources.
  • a quantitatively and scientifically literate graduate who can make data-driven decisions and address real-world problems by utilizing mathematical applications and appropriate scientific approaches.
  • a responsible leader who shows participation in civic engagement and service learning projects, on and off campus.
  • a globally engaged citizen who can synthesize cross-cultural knowledge of politics, art, music, culture and ethics across borders.
honors DC trip group
Honors students and faculty visiting the Supreme Court building in D.C.
kiran chaudry headshot

Honors courses provided me with invaluable skill sets that help me succeed as an IT professional. I developed my critical thinking and public speaking skills, which aided me immensely in presentations and communications in the workplace. – Kiran Chaudhry, Class of 2019