Learning Outcomes

By the end of the NJCU Honors Program’s Core Curriculum, an Honors student will have become:

honors DC trip group
Honors students and faculty visiting the Supreme Court building in D.C.
  • an intellectually agile critical thinker and problem-solver who can demonstrate and apply knowledge across disciplines.
  • a skilled communicator who can clearly discuss what they mean in written communication.
  • a skilled public speaker who can create and construct compelling presentations and spoken arguments.
  • a savvy and technologically literate creator and user of information and technology, who can apply and interpret data.
  • a quantitatively literate graduate who can assess data, utilize mathematical language and applications, and apply math concepts to real world problems.
  • a responsible leader who shows participation in civic engagement and service learning projects, on and off campus.
  • a globally engaged citizen who can synthesize her or his knowledge of global cultures, politics, and society with that of the United States.