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Resources Available at the Community Center

Food Security 

“healthy food, 7 days a week”: Our largest focus of work is to ensure that students have access to free and healthy nutritious food in a healthy environment. This includes the pantry, weekend backpack program, and Help our Neighbors Eat program.

Civic Health & Activism 

“inspiring students to work together to tackle community issues”: The CCE runs a number of engagement initiatives to help ensure students learn about the purpose of their education. We also partner with a number of other offices on campus such as Campus Life, SOAR, TLC, HUB, and Women’s Center that engage with community issues.


 “because together, we are better” : In this area, we are celebrating multicultural free expression and performance so as to know one another better. Also, we are using the NJCU greenhouse to learn, grow, and garden together as a community.

Counseling and Mental Health 

“Student Individual and Group Counseling” : The Community Center works with the Counseling Department to offer counseling services for students seeking conversations around mental health, both in group and individual sessions.

Physical Education and Nutrition  

“goodness for the body and mind” : We partner with the Athletic Department, Community Health, Gourmet Dining, and the Department of Health & Human Services to offer workshops on life skills, and to improve an understanding of healthy, cheap, and simple local food choices – where to buy, how to prepare and cook, and how to keep costs down.

Financial Health 

“accessing information to better manage your money” : We partner with the Business School’s new Institute for Financial Literacy and Economic Education to support students’ money management, income tax returns, and more.

Campus-Wide List of Resources:

We have produced a Resource List for students seeking specific resources on campus in order to connect them with the right department. In this connected way, the Community Center partners with departments on campus in offering workshops, conversation, and to promote civic engagement.

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