General Information

Foster care (also known as out-of-home care) is a temporary service provided by states for children who cannot live with their families. Children in foster care may live with relatives or with unrelated foster parents. Foster care also can also refer to placement settings such as group homes, residential care facilities, emergency shelters, and supervised independent living centers.

The resources on this page are available to NJCU students who are in or have been in foster care.


Embrella, formerly known as Foster and Adoptive Family Services (FAFS), administers several scholarship programs for foster and adoptive youth in conjunction with the New Jersey Foster Care Scholars Program. For information about these scholarship programs, visit their website or call embrella at 1-800-222-0047.

Students also should apply for federal financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which is available from their high school guidance office or by visiting Most youth in resource care are eligible for the maximum level of federal and state financial aid. For more information, please visit the Department of Higher Education website or call the Department of Higher Education Financial Aid Hotline at 1-800-792-8670. 

Care Groups

Haven Adolescent Community Respite Center is a resource designed to support adolescents and their families during times of domestic conflict. They provide counseling, positive opportunities for youth development, and peer support for adolescents and their families without stigma and without assigning blame in an effort to keep youth at home when possible and safe. Haven provides a short-term residential alternative to incarceration or homelessness when necessary.

Inspiring Futures is a resource for youth and young adults (14 years old and older) with a history of foster care or who are currently in the system. Their mission is to empower and uplift youth in foster care to live their best lives and be successful once leaving the system. Inspiring Futures views education and culturally sensitive mental health services as crucial ways that youth can become successful in the future.

New Jersey Department of Children and Families

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the state’s first Cabinet-level agency devoted exclusively to serving and supporting at-risk children and families. The DCF is made up of about 6,600 staff who are focused on and committed to assisting and empowering residents to be safe, healthy and connected.

DCF Youth Advisory Boards are youth-driven forums, made up of current and former foster youth (ages 18-22) that promote leadership and advocacy skills. 

New Jersey Youth Resource Spot

The New Jersey Youth Resource Spot is a website created for young people by young people to provide helpful and accurate information available for youth who have been involved with the NJ DCF.