Gilligan Student Union Building

Photo of NJCU Zoom Background: GSUB

Gilligan Student Union Building

About the Gilligan Student Union Building

At the GSUB, as our students like to call it, you’ll find many essential student services, as well as a variety of programs and events

Directory of the Building


  • Center for Leadership and Engagement 
  • Office of Housing and Residence Life
  • Dean of Students
  • Student Outreach and Retention Office SOAR 
  • GSUB Operations
  • Center for Community Engagement 
  • Speicher-Rubin Women’s Center for Diversity & Equity
  • The Counseling Center
  • Campus Compact 


  • Student Government Lounge
  • Joust Gaming Area
  • Student Services
  • Barnes and Noble Bookstore
  • Community Center
  • Gourmet Dining
  • GSUB Cafeteria

Student Spaces

  • Student Government Association Office
  • GSUB Student Gallery
  • Prayer Room
  • Honors Lounge
  • Student Activities Board Office
  • Gothic Times Offices
  • Student Podcast Room
  • Greek Life Offices
  • Peers Educating Peers Office

Room Booking Process

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3 Multipurpose Rooms

Conference Rooms

COVID -19 Event Protocol

Fall 2021


  • All Students must be vaccinated to attend student events.
  • If a student is not vaccinated they must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 Test result. Test result must be from the day of the event. Daily testing will be available for all students.
  • All outside vendors (i.e., DJ’s, speakers, amusement staff etc) must be vaccinated
  • Students are recommended to use the Docket app to provide proof of vaccination


  • Non NJCU Students Staff or Faculty must be vaccinated to attend any student events
  • All non NJCU Students Staff or Faculty must pre-register to attend. No walk in will be allowed
  • Attendance for Non NJCU Students Staff or Faculty will be contingent upon the number of pre-registered guests. Attendance is subject to denial due to number of guests


  • For contact tracing purposes, all Events will require Pre Registration. Eventbrite or Qualtrics are the preferred formats.
  • Walk In attendees will be required to use the University based card swipe system to register on site. A day of negative Covid-19 test result will be required for walk in attendees who are unvaccinated


  • Masks are mandated for all indoor events
  • Masks are suggested for outdoor events of over 200 people

Social Distancing

  • It is recommended that attendees adhere to a social distance policy of 3 feet


  • All rooms in the Gilligan Student Union Building will be 75% capacity


  • A minimum of two people are allowed to sit on a table at once
  • All parties at the table must be vaccinated or provide proof of a day-of negative COVID-19 test result


  • All food must be pre packaged for events of over 20 people
  • Special accommodations will be made for events that deem a need for catering staff and servers
  • No open food or drinks will be allowed for sale or distribution during tabling