Resources for Students with Children

Parents reading with their children

The NJCU Community Center recognizes that students with children have multiple priorities that often require outside assistance such as childcare, food and shelter, and medical/health services. To help those students care for their children while remaining successful in their studies, the University has created this resource guide for NJCU student-parents looking for help at the university, county, and/or state level(s). This guide will grow as more resources become known and/or available to the Community Center. We also invite NJCU community members to submit any resources not listed here that might benefit other NJCU students with children. All resources can be emailed to

Use the Docket app for quick access to your children's vaccination information! 

Once in the app, go to the "Immunization History" screen and tap the "+" sign in the upper right-hand corner. Add each child's information, and the app will add the relevant vaccination history. 

Use the Docket app for easy proof of vaccination!
Kids on Campus

The Division of Professional Education and Lifelong Learning offers the Kids on Campus Program that fosters academic and personal enrichment for children in grades 1-12. We provide academic courses and life skills designed to assist your child succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Our courses are taught by New Jersey Department of Education certified teachers. Classes are often arranged by grade level (Example: Learning through Literature for Grades 1 and 2) and offered online via Zoom. Registration is open NOW!

Kids on Campus Classes Include:

  • Private and Group Music Lessons
  • Test Preparation
  • Learning through Literature
  • Improving Mathematical Skills
  • Writing and Reading Comprehension
  • Problem Solving Made Fun
  • And many others!

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Other Kids Courses Include: