iNurse Initiative

NJCU and Nursing Program Recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for the iNurse Initiative

We earned the designation following more than a decade of use of Apple technology by the university as part of the iNurse Initiative. 

About the iNurse Initiative


NJCU iNurse Initiative

The iNurse Initiative helps to keep students engaged with their learning. In an ever-changing world, it keeps nursing education current and relevant to today’s healthcare environment where the use of technology is pervasive. Through programs such as the iNurse Initiative, NJCU strives to be the nursing school of the future. We see our focus as teaching with technology—not on the technology itself—as the nursing profession is high touch as well as high tech.

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Student Learning

Nursing students with iPads in front of NJCU screen

Learn more about exactly how students and faculty utilize Apple devices and in our labs, classroom, and student lounges. At NJCU Nursing we are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for our students as technology continues to advance and provide new benefits to education.

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Student Success

Nursing students with iPads working in geriatric apartment setting

Success through the iNurse Initiative includes having ready access to medication and laboratory reference materials that are used to identify potentially harmful drug-drug interactions for older adult patients in the gerontological nursing course. Additionally, students are able to use iPads to create teaching materials and educate patients in hospital and community settings, a critical aspect of the work of Registered Nurses.

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What's Next

Row of MacBooks on tables in Nursing classroom

Technology is pervasive and ever changing in healthcare and education. As such, we will continue to evaluate any revisions or adaptations to stay true to our vision.

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