Student Learning

Nursing students at desk with iPad and MacBook

Our Nursing Education Center and classrooms utilize Apple devices and are equipped with Apple TV-enabled monitors. Faculty and students are able to AirPlay and interact with learning materials across devices as well as benefit from course and hospital collaborations through the following: 

  • App-Assisted Learning: Many Apple applications are used to facilitate learning, including Keynote, eMurmur Heartpedia, Auris, Insight Heart, Comic Life 3, Aira Vision Sim, REALITi Engage with the iPad-enabled iSimulate defibrillator simulator, and Kahoot!
  • iMac EHR: We are currently evaluating utilizing an Apple Numbers-based template simulating an electronic health record (EHR) on our cart-mounted iMac in our simulation lab. 
  • Apple Books: In our pharmacology course, students create Apple Books of teaching materials for patients regarding medications and the critical importance of safe medication administration. These Apple Books help students to gain more information on the medication they are researching as well as how to prepare patient teaching materials.
  • Creating Teaching Materials: Students enrolled in Gerontological Nursing and Nursing Leadership have previously collaborated to create activity programs for hospitalized patients. Deliverables included an instruction manual and video instructions created on the iPad and edited in iMovie
Sonyia Yar and Jenny Joachim ABSN Students with iPads at table with NJCU screen behind them

    Learn more about how the iNurse Initiative has benefitted our students and faculty!

    • Faculty presented Preparing Students for the Mobile Healthcare Workforce to local regional high school administrators at the request of Apple Education

    • A poster entitled Technology Enabling Aging in Place for Older Adults featuring Apple Home and Apple Health devices in use in the NJCU Homecare Simulation Suite was presented at a regional nursing informatics conference.

    • Our department’s use of iBeacon for clinical site orientation was presented by faculty at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in a poster entitled Take a Tour with iBeacons

    • A podium presentation by faculty entitled Successes and Challenges in Implementing a 1:1 iPad Implementation: The iNurse Initiative was accepted for presentation at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing’s iCON conference, a premier annual conference for the use of the iPads in nursing education.