Nursing—Accelerated Program (Second Degree), B.S.N.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Photo of nursing students group masked

About This Degree

Completion of this major prepares one for a career as a Registered Nurse working in a wide range of healthcare organizations. Accelerated programs provide innovative educational opportunities to non-nurse college graduates. Students build on their previous undergraduate experience and transition into the nursing role within a compressed, 12-month timeframe. The curriculum reflects course objectives, content, and clinical learning that are similar to those of a traditional four-year curriculum. However, courses and clinical experiences are offered in an intense, full-time format without breaks between sessions. Clinical experiences in hospitals, laboratories and the community supplement classroom learning as students develop the skills and competencies to provide nursing care across the healthcare continuum and to assume leadership roles in the nursing profession. Students must complete several prerequisites prior to entering the actual accelerated nursing curriculum.



The application deadline for the Accelerated Nursing program has been extended to March 20, 2023. 

Modifications to the admission criteria (Pre-requisite requirements and deadlines, HESI Exam deadline and policy, BA/BS requirement deadlines, etc.) for the 2023 ABSN program can be reviewed on the ABSN program webpage.