The Most Student-Centered Ed.D. in the US

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The Most Student-Centered Ed.D. in the US

Here's how NJCU's Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership strives to be The Most Student-Centered Ed.D. in the US.

1) Commitment to Your Growth

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We see ourselves as partners in your career goals. At the beginning of your program you work with faculty to develop a Professional Growth Plan, an actionable vision of where you see your career in 3, 5, and 10 years. We then commence to take the steps, large and small, to implement that growth plan. We support you to publish, present, and lead in-service programs in the direction of your goals. Our students have published books and articles with faculty support. Students with no experience in public speaking have presented at state, national, and international conferences. Our students lead an Annual Girls in STEM initiative and started a Wearable Technology Users Group.  Our students and faculty have designed numerous workshops for international educational leaders. Look at our News and Media Page  and Alumni and Student Profiles to get highlights of what our students, alumni, and faculty are doing.


2) Unrivaled Support for Your Dissertation

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Your dissertation is the signature achievement of your doctoral education, and in our program every member of your committee is dedicated to your success.  The chair and other committee members are experts in their respective fields and have been selected so you can do your best work. Every member of your committee promises to give you feedback on the chapters and drafts of your work within two weeks. Moreover, a member of your committee will never take a sabbatical during your dissertation. We also provide online tutoring for your writing and assistance from a professional proofreader for your final draft at no additional cost to you. If you are not sure how rare or important these commitments are, talk to doctoral students from other universities. The lack of support during the dissertation is a recurring problem in doctoral studies. We are dedicated to developing your talents and professional interests during your dissertation.


3) Fidelity to Our Mission

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Our program gives our students a focused and comprehensive doctoral education. Many other universities assemble doctoral programs from existing courses under the umbrella of being ‘interdisciplinary’. These other programs can be disjointed and inconsistent with poor policy implementation and confusing communication to students. Our program was developed by faculty with expertise in the field of educational technology leadership and is taught, coordinated, and supervised by that same team.    



4) Value for your Tuition

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We are one of the least expensive doctoral programs in the region, and we are transparent about our fees. Look at the pricing of other programs, and it would be difficult to find many that are less expensive. If you do find one, please read the fine print and ask about dissertation fees, robing fees, student fees, technology fees, etc. Ask what the difference is between the printed tuition and the total cost. Our simple answer to that question is that there is no difference. We have no hidden fees and your tuition is guaranteed to stay the same for the three years of the program. You are set with the price you started with, so you can budget accordingly. We are honored that our students have chosen to trust us with their education, and we put that responsibility at the forefront of our work. 

In 2017 The College Affordability Guide rated the Educational Technology Program at NJCU #1 in Instructional Technology Programs. The ranking formula did not simply measure cost; it included measurements in "Institutional Fit", "Getting In", and "Getting Out". We are honored to be recognized for providing a quality and affordable education in this cutting edge field. 


5) Proven Record

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We have had amazing, diverse cohorts of doctoral students.  They have rich and life-changing experience while they are here, and 70% of our students have graduated in three years and 79% have graduated in five years. Our students have gone on to a myriad of successful career paths. Several have published books and articles based on their work at NJCU. Some have started careers as tenure track faculty, and many have augmented their current work with part-time faculty positions. Some of our students have gone on to become K-12 leaders, deans, and leading administrators at libraries and statewide programs. Look at our News and Media Page and Alumni and Student Profiles to get highlights of what our students, alumni, and faculty are doing.


About Us

The Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership is designed to develop educational technology leaders and innovators for school systems, higher education, and the private and public sectors.  The primary purpose of the Ed.D. program is to develop leaders whose work is characterized by scholarship, creativity, and innovation.

This is a three-year cohort program where students work with leaders in educational technology and our internationally recognized faculty.  All Fall and Spring courses are fully online with hybrid summer courses including a one-week on-campus Summer Institute.