Center for Supply Chain and Maritime Logistics


Center for Supply Chain and Maritime Logistics (CSCML)

NJCU-KMI Joint International Research Center
NJCU and KMI established a new Joint International Maritime Research Institute on supply chain, Maritime logistics, and Multi-modal logistics on June 1, 2023.
Location: School of Business, Suite 216


The Center will impact the global supply chain and maritime logistics and transportation community through impactful education, innovative research, and engaged outreach.


The Center will be a global platform where various stakeholders (students, faculty, industry, government, etc.) visit the Center’s data and information repositories and attend meetings and events hosted by the Center.


  • Students and faculty are supported and equipped with accessible resources to engage in learning through experimentation and research.
  • The industry recognizes the Center as a hub of applied research and education in the global supply chain, maritime logistics, and transportation.
  • The Center will be an accountable leading partner with local, national, and international public and private sectors.

Korea Maritime Institute

The Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) is a government-funded research institute established under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office to contribute to the formulation of national policies in maritime and fisheries affairs to boost the national economy. KMI started in 1984, comprehensively and systematically investigating and researching the full range of problems related to the marine and fisheries sector, including the oceans, marine products, ocean shipping & maritime affairs, and port logistics. As a result, KMI has grown into a major research institution in the maritime and fisheries fields. The Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) has emerged as an international research institute in the world. KMI directly invests in five or more international research centers around the world in maritime research and fisheries; it has international exchanges and cooperation with 24 international university partners, eight international research institutes (including UNDP UNESCAPE, OECD, IMO, Arctic Frontiers, UNCTAD, ILTOS), and 16 public agents. KMI envisioned to scale up to research on maritime supply chains, logistics, and marine science in North America. NJCU is situated in the economic, social, and political center of North America. The location and facility of NJCU is valuable and resourceful to the KMI to achieve its strategic goals. KMI is determined to invest financial resources into a new joint research center in the U.S. in collaboration with NJCU.

Supply Chain & Maritime Logistics Student Leadership Award

Application Deadline: October 31, 2023

The Center for Supply Chain and Maritime Logistics in partnership with the Korea Maritime Institute and CJ Logistics will be offering three (3) student leadership awards in the amount of $300 each in the Fall 2023 term.

Eligibility criteria and requirements for student applicants and awardees:

  • Eligible Students: NJCU Students majoring in Supply Chain OR all other Business Majors working in the Supply Chain sector, including transportation, warehousing, port maritime, logistics technology, and maritime industry. Applicants must also be enrolled as full-time undergraduate or full-time graduate students at NJCU.
  • Recommendations: Letter of recommendation from current Professor OR employer in the Supply Chain industry.
  • Resume/CV: A recent copy of your Resume or Curriculum Vitae must accompany the application.
  • GPA Requirement: Graduate students’ minimum GPA of 3.3, Undergraduate students’ minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Essay: Submit a written essay responding to the question below; minimum of 1000 and maximum of 1500 words. Cite secondary sources from which you take ideas or which you quote directly.
    Essay Question: What is the importance of the supply chain industry in the business world today and its impact on the future?
  • Awardees: Recipients of the awards will be notified by November 3, 2023. Additionally, all awardees will be required to attend an event on November 8, 2023 for the Center for Supply Chain and Maritime Logistics, where awardees will be officially announced and presented with the Supply Chain & Maritime Logistics Student Leadership Award.

Feel free to contact Dr. EunSu, with any questions or concerns regarding the application process.


2023 Conference on Maritime Logistics & Supply Chain between U.S. and Korea

November 8, 2023, 12:00 pm
School of Business, Harborside 2, 200 Hudson Street, Skyline Room, Jersey City, NJ 07311

2023 U.S. & Korea Maritime Logistics conference, organized by the NJCU-KMI Center for Supply Chain and Maritime Logistics, established at School of Business, NJCU, will be held on November 8 at NJCU, School of Business.

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between R.O. Korea and the U.S. and the surge in trade between Asian countries, including Korea, and U.S. East Coast ports has led to increased collaboration in logistics between the two regions. In response to these changes in the global environment, we are holding this event to commemorate the full-scale activities of CSCML, which was jointly established by NJCU and Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), which is Korea's national research institute in Logistics, and to promote the development of the logistics sector in both countries.

In the past, Asia and the U.S., including Korea, were mainly connected to ports in the western U.S. by sea. However, with the emergence of the global supply chain crisis, the relatively safe maritime logistics route connecting the Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal, and eastern U.S. ports was preferred to resolve the risks of a complex logistics system connected by sea, rail, and road. As a result, Asian goods began to exchange with ports in the eastern U.S. via sea. From this perspective, New Jersey, the largest port on the East Coast, and South Korea, the center of Asian logistics and manufacturing, have begun a new relationship.

To commemorate the meeting of these two regions, Mr. Tim Sullivan, CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and Ms. Bethnann Rooney, Director of the PA New York and New Jersey, will deliver keynote speeches on economic cooperation and maritime logistics cooperation between the two regions. In addition, a number of political, business, industry, and academic figures from both countries will attend the event to discuss future cooperation between Korea and New Jersey, so NJCU students and staff are encouraged to participate and spread the word.


The event is open to the first 100 members of the NJCU faculty, staff, students and the public who register.


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Location: School of Business, Suite 216
Drop-in hours (in-person):  Monday and Wednesday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Office 201-200-2404 | Fax 201-200-3242

Sung Woo Lee with microphone

Dr. Sung-Woo Lee is an esteemed senior research fellow at Korea Maritime Institute (KMI). He has an extensive background in the shipping management and port logistics park development fields, having served as a deputy president of Port Logistics Research Division and a director general of Comprehensive Policy Research Division of KMI. Dr. Lee has been involved in various governmental projects and is an advisor to the Korean government on logistics issues. He has also worked as a visiting researcher at the Centre of Urban Planning & Environmental Management at the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lee's interests lie in the strategic and managerial aspects of international logistics and maritime transport, as well as the possibility of Arctic logistics systems related to the Northern Shipping Route. He has written extensively on these topics, including his representative writings such as "Ports in Proximity," "Shipping & Port Condition Changes & Throughput Prospects with Opening of the NSR," and "Challenges of the Changing Arctic." Dr. Lee is a member of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) and serves as a guest editor of Sustainability.