Biology, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts
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About This Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology provides students with a comprehensive understanding of general biology and prepares them for successful entry to employment, graduate school, or selected professional schools. The Bachelor of Arts in Biology prepares students for careers in academic and industrial research; teaching, through the alternate pathway to certification; and for various careers in the publishing, pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industries.


Program Goals

Graduates of the NJCU biology program will…

  • Demonstrate understanding of the nature of science and knowledge of the factual and theoretical bases of biology including mechanisms on the molecular, cellular, organismal, and systems levels.
  • Demonstrate understanding of scientific inquiry and explain how scientific knowledge is discovered and validated.
  • Apply quantitative knowledge and reasoning to describe or explain phenomena in the natural world.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic principles of chemistry and their application to understanding living systems. 
  • Communicate scientific information in written and/or oral formats.