Sexuality and Queer Studies, Minor

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About This Degree

The minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies (SQS) centers on the identities and histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-variant people with a particular focus on urban queer identities. The SQS minor examines how assumptions about sexuality and gender are constructed and emphasizes ways to navigate and resist those assumptions through the application of knowledge in a variety of settings including education, healthcare, the workplace, and community organizations.

Note: This program will be available Summer 2020.


About This Program

How is it useful?

A minor is SQS Studies gives students unique expertise and practical skills that are relevant to many different academic disciplines and careers. 

  • Education students can use the SQS minor to help them teach New Jersey’s LGBTQ inclusive curriculum mandate. 
  • Business students can use the SQS minor to build LGBTQ inclusive workplaces and tap into the economic power of LGBTQ communities. 
  • Health students can use the SQS minor to learn about LGBTQ health issues and questions of access and inclusion in health systems. 
  • English, history, or media students can use the SQS minor to think about questions of LGBTQ representation and self-representation in culture. 
  • Psychology students can use the SQS minor to counsel LGBTQ clients on sexuality and gender identity issues.
  • Political science students can use the SQS minor to write policy or legislation that upholds LGBTQ rights.
  • Criminal justice students can use the SQS minor to help LGBTQ individuals navigate the legal system.

All students will benefit from the SQS minor’s emphasis on applying knowledge through Community Engaged Learning.

What are the requirements?

Two required courses (WGST 190 Intro to SQS and WGST 226 LGBT Social Change) and four WGST and cross-listed electives for a total of 18-credits. 


For more information contact Dr. Jacqueline Ellis, Coordinator, Sexuality and Queer Studies minor. Email: