Graduate Assistantships

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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are prestigious academic awards that allow full-time, degree-seeking students the opportunity to receive a total of $4,000 stipend and a waiver of tuition to complete their degree in a timely manner while gaining work experiences at the University. 
Graduate Assistants must be matriculated and enrolled full-time in a graduate program. Graduate assistants are required to work at the university in an allocated unit(s) or department(s) for twenty hours per week, September 1st to June 30th. The Graduate Assistantship waiver and stipend may result in a reduction of individual student loan eligibility and/or increased tax liability.


  • Graduate student must be matriculated and enrolled in a degree program.  
  • The student must be full-time. 
  • Current graduate student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • The student must submit the relevant application package.

General Information and Requirements 

Full Academic Year, Graduate Assistantships
If you are a new full-time graduate student or a full-time graduate student with a GPA equal to or higher than 3.00, you may submit your application to NJCU Graduate Assistantships

Please note the following important points 

  •  A limited number of graduate assistantships are available each year. 
  • Graduate Assistantships are for a maximum of 2 years per student. 
  • Graduate assistantships cover tuition for full-time study. A total of 18 credits will be covered for the academic year.   
  • Graduate assistants receive a stipend of $4000 over the academic year ($2000 per semester). 
  •  For the full academic year, the application package will only be accepted between May 1 and June 1, unless stated
  • Once the student is accepted into the program, the student is expected to work at the university for 20 hours per week, September 1st to June 30th.
  •  Graduate assistants may also apply for Federal Student Loans to assist with costs related to full-time graduate study. 
  • Spring-Term, Graduate Assistantships 
  • Contingent upon the available funding, a limited number of spring semester assistantships may be announced in November 1.  
  • Spring-Term, Graduate assistantships cover a maximum of 9 credits tuition for full-time study and receive a stipend of $2000 over the spring semester. 
  • The application package will be accepted only between November 1 and December 1, unless stated otherwise.
  • Once the student is accepted into the program, the student is expected to work at the university for 20 hours per week, January 21st - June 30th.
  • Graduate assistants may also apply for Federal Student Loans to assist with costs related to full-time graduate study.  

Graduate Assistantships, Renewal

As indicated above, Graduate Assistantships are maximum for 2-years per student, and will not be renewed automatically. If you are accepted in the GA program in a previous full academic year or spring semester, you must apply again to be able to continue on the program.  There is no guarantee you will be selected again. All GA positions are contingent upon the available funding. 

How to Apply


Please click here to access the “GA-Application Form,” and submit one-pdf file including the application form (Form #1) together with your CV/resume. The relevant instructions are as follows: 

1. Submit one-pdf file including all required documents.

2. Name your file as shown below: 
“Your college-Your Last Name-Year of application”

  • For the college that you are/will be matriculated, please use the following abbreviations: 
    • For School of Business: SOB
    • For College of Arts and Sciences: CAS 
    • For College of Education: COE 
    • For College of Professional Studies: CPS 
      • Examples for file name:  

3. Submit the application package to

Please note: 

  • Paper-based applications will not be accepted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • In case of withdrawal from a course, received stipends must be reimbursed retroactively and proportionally.  In case of failure of a course, relevant semester’s stipend ($2,000) must be reimbursed, and GA will be terminated for the upcoming semester.
  •  Students are allowed to take more than 9 credits, however the assistantship will not cover more than 9 credits. 
  •  Students may apply for a graduate assistantship when they apply for graduate admission and matriculation, but the applicants will not become eligible until their matriculation has been approved by their department. 
  • Students may specify an office or department that would be of particular interest for employment, but this is neither required nor guaranteed. 
  •  A student may be assigned to an office or department unrelated to their area of study. 
  • GA allocations are assigned by the Office of the Provost, however GA will be selected by the department/unit. 
  • All information subject to change without notice.