New Students

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New Students

Welcome to New Jersey City University!

New Jersey City University believes that money should not be an obstacle to higher education, and our student financial aid programs are designed to help students manage tuition costs. It’s important to review and understand your financial aid package so the Office of Financial Aid can address any questions and/or concerns that you may have.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet
The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, also known as the College Financing Plan, is a standardized federal award notice designed to simplify financial aid information for families by providing a tool to compare the Net Cost (total cost minus grants and scholarships) at each institution.

How Do I Get My College Financing Plan at NJCU?
In order to access your college financing plan, you’ll need to log into your Gothic Net; which will prompt you for your User (Student) ID and Password. After you log-in, please click on the button “Shopping Sheet” which will produce your award in a new window.

Next Steps
Accepting your aid offer: There is no need to accept institutional aid, federal grants, or federal direct loans. If you wish to decline your federal direct loans, please review the steps to Reduce/Decline your Federal Direct Loans.

First time Direct Loan borrowers must complete an online Entrance Counseling, Direct Loan Master Promissory Note, and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment must be completed every year in order to receive a Federal Direct Loan disbursement.

Submit Missing Documentation: Students are encouraged to log into their Gothic Net account and review their “To-Do” List items. The Office of Financial Aid send email notifications to NJCU email accounts. New Jersey residents receiving state aid; such as Tuition Aid Grant and Educational Opportunity Fund, should log into their New Jersey Financial Aid Management System (NJFAMS) account and submit any documentation, if selected for state verification.

Living on Campus: You'll want to talk with your family about how you plan on financing your room and board costs. Students seeking assistance may go to: to apply for a housing scholarship. Scholarship notifications will begin after June 1st. Parents may apply for a Direct Parent Plus loan after May 1st. If approved, a Parent Plus Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed as well. Students also have the option to apply for a Private loan.

Email Communication: Our main source of communication with students is through their NJCU email accounts. We’ll send notification of missing documentation, important deadlines, FAFSA corrections, scholarship opportunity and any additional pertinent information. We have an open door policy and encourage students to come to our office at any time for to seek support.

Undocumented Students: We understand that there are particular challenges for undocumented students as they navigate policies, processes, and academic requirements of university study, and we are here to help. Please visit: Resources for Prospective and Current Undocumented NJCU Students

Important Dates

Date Deadline

JUNE 1, 2022

Priority deadline to submit all verification documents

JULY 2022

2022-2023 New Tuition and Fees Rates to be announced


Fall 2022 Payment Deadline  (Date TBD)


Fall 2022 semester begins

SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

NJ State Deadline for New Student FAFSA Submission

OCTOBER 1, 2022

FAFSA application for 2022-2023 becomes available

OCTOBER 1, 2022

NJ State Aid recipients must complete Verification (if selected)


Spring 2023 Payment Deadline (Date TBD)

JANUARY 17, 2023

Spring 2023 semester begins

FEBRUARY 15, 2023

NJ State Deadline for New Student FAFSA Submission

MARCH 1, 2023

NJ State Aid recipients must complete Verification (if selected)

MARCH 1, 2023

NJCU 2023-2024 FAFSA Filing Priority Deadline

APRIL 15, 2023

NJ State Deadline to file FAFSA for 2023-2024 NJ State Aid

Contact Information: During this time, our main source of contact will be email communication. Please send any inquires to and remember to include your Gothic ID number.