International Student Housing Policy

Housing Policy for International Students

All international students (undergraduate, graduate, exchange) who are new to the US are required to reside in university housing for their first academic year (two semesters).  

Requests for exemption from the housing requirement will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Criteria for exemptions:

  1. The student has resided in the region prior to enrolling at NJCU
  2. The student’s parents or other immediate family members reside in the region
  3. The student is married or cohabiting or has a dependent
  4. The student is over age 25
  5. The student has medical or other condition, subject to documentation and review
  6. The student has dietary restrictions that NJCU cannot accommodate

Inability to afford NJCU housing will not be considered as grounds for an exemption as students must document sufficient liquid funds for one year’s academic and living costs in order to receive an I20; unless sufficient funds are documented, NJCU cannot issue an I20 to the student.

Process for waiving the residential living component as an international student:

Students who believe that they meet any of the above criteria for exemption or have another reason not listed should send an email to Ms. Jamilah Moudiab, Senior Director of Global Initiatives at  detailing their request for an exemption. Documentation will be required.

If the exemption request is approved, students will be given a deadline to submit information on the location of their proposed housing. While we will not help students find housing, NJCU has the right to reject a proposal if accommodations are in an area that we believe to be unsafe.  If the proposal is rejected, students will have additional time to search for alternate housing.

Students must then submit proof of approved housing in the form of a lease or contract. If the University does not receive and approve housing arrangements by the deadline, students will be billed for housing and expected to live on campus.

NOTE: Participants in joint degree and other special programs are not eligible for this waiver and must reside on campus for the duration of their enrollment.